Venmo puts crypto access under everyone’s fingertips

Most cryptocurrencies are getting really popular with mass adoption as companies and investors continue to HODL for the long term. The best examples of this are Bitcoin and Ethereum that kind of rule the blockchain industry. And Venmo sharing that it is adding crypto support just made crypto access easy for almost everyone.

Venmo and Paypal

PayPal owns the crypto company Venmo, and it declared that 70million + people could now buy cryptos for even $1. These cryptos include Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, and bitcoin cash. Many noobs understand little about this field, but no worries, Venmo takes care of it. It gives in-app guidelines and videos to make you understand the concept. Also, it shares everything about cryptanalysis happening all over the world.

Payment Company- Venmo

The firm hopes that every new step forward will be beneficial, as Venmo clarifies every doubt and misconception regarding cryptocurrencies. The company is prospering exponentially as 30% of clients have already invested in cryptos and equities. And luckily, 20% of that has invested during the pandemic itself.

Venmo just put crypto access in the palm of everyone's hand - CNN

The social payment service provider, Venmo, is considering joining hands with other companies as well. Companies that accept and offer good schemes regarding cryptocurrencies. It is not surprising to know that Tesla has already started accepting cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a payment for their cars. Even Mastercard and Visa are trying to add crypto-related payments.

Goldman Sachs, leading global investment banking, will soon introduce avenues to make their clients invest in any cryptocurrency. The wolf of wall street, if I may say, Morgan Stanley said that they would provide access to rich clients to invest in bitcoin.

Some more points about Venmo

Introducing Crypto on Venmo

The company has similar features as PayPal, but still, it is different as it allows clients to share payments through any social feed available. This particular service is very famous among the millennials of our generation as it is fun and easy to use.

It allows splitting pay allowance with friends and family. And that includes everything starting from brunch bill to booking flight tickets or the cost for a road trip. And what adds zing to the app is that you can easily share this information in the feed with fun comments and stickers. No worries, it doesn’t show the actual money invested or used.

Crypto Enthusiasm across the world

According to a report last week, Coinbase went public at a value of $86 billion, which created a great buzz among the crypto enthusiasts. Also, after this, there was a crazy 500% rally on Dogecoin. Dogecoin is a crypto that was created as a joke in 2013. Elon Musk’s one tweet made Dogecoin famous in seconds.

People who are really interested in crypto and blockchain always insisted that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain assets can change the face of finance. Though, India’s ban news and other such negativities have led us to believe that the idea might not be efficient. But initiative like Venmo makes us have the hope that cryptocurrency can become a mainstream finance revolution.

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