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Visa CEO says he is smart enough to invest in Bitcoin

Visa CEO, AI Kelly, has recently said that he is smart enough to invest in Bitcoin. This goes in line with the company’s newfound interest in crypto and what they are doing in the space. Kelly thinks crypto is the future and he wants to be a part of the ever-growing market. In a recent conversation during a podcast, he also said the crypto is going to become very popular in the next 5 years. And if that is the case we should be glad that we are early to the game.

AI Kelly’s statement

While the Visa CEO talked about his interest in crypto and how he wants to be present in its growth, he didn’t rule out other possibilities. Kelly said that yes in the next 5 years it is also probable that crypto turns out to be a fad but that is completely okay. What matters is that it could also turn out to be the next big thing and this is why he would want his company to be in the middle of it at this point in time.

title Visa CEO says he is smart enough to invest in Bitcoin

Considering the last 10 years of crypto and its growth we can easily expect that the next 10 years will be fruitful as well. Those who are invested now considering it to be a big risk are most probably going to be super rich by the end of this decade. And they will be glad they took the risk. Note that I am not encouraging you to go ahead and invest in crypto now but if Visa can take the risk and so can its CEO, why can’t you? Ultimately no one is saying that selling your house and putting all your savings in crypto is a good idea. But saving some portion of what you are earning in crypto is a good start. The point is that the risk to reward ratio of crypto is huge.

The key is to start early

The earlier you start the more profits you can make. In fact, Kelly has also shown a proactive approach to crypto. Their goal is to get as much traffic as possible because they would not want some other company to come forward and take this opportunity from them.

What are your thoughts the Visa CEO thinking that he is smart enough to invest in Bitcoin? And do you think crypto is here to stay? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative do like and share it with your friends.

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