Volkswagen gets permission to make ID.3 in China

Last year the talks about Volkswagen starting to manufacture ID.3 in China started. And it was known that Volkswagen is interested to produce ID3 by 2022. However, it is confirmed recently as the Chinese auto-industry ministry gave its approval.

VW will resume ID3 production, reaffirms summer launch date
Image credits- Automotive new Europe

Volkswagen ID.3 is a compact electric car by Volkswagen. Unveiled in 2019, more than 55,000 units were sold by 2020. This year Volkswagen started its ID.3 production in the second largest city of Germany, Dresden. Which was expected to be home to ID manufacturing. However, if the company starts a plant in China, it might not be the case anymore.

The third model in China

ID.3 is not the first model to be manufactured in China. Volkswagen’s other models have been manufactured earlier too. The dimensions of ID.3 to be manufactured are stated as, 4267x; 1168x; 1574 mm with a wheelbase of 2768 mm.

Details about batteries and other parts aren’t revealed. Volkswagen is already under pressure from its precious scandals. As they start manufacturing, they might need to provide more details.

The other two cars already being manufacturing as ID.4 crossover and ID.6 SUV. The production of ID.4 is not fully owned by Volkswagen. Part of it is also owned by  China FAW Group. (the plant located in Antiga.

However, the ID.3 will be manufactured in Shanghai in a joint venture with SAIC Motor.

VW manufacturing in Dresden

In January 2021, Volkswagen started ID.3 manufacturing in Dresden. It became the third manufacturing plant for Volkswagen worldwide and is the second manufacturing plant for ID.3.

When China’s manufacturing starts, it will be the third plant for ID3 worldwide. The one in Dresden is known to have transparency. Visitors can visit and view the test drives, or production visits, and other working places.

As stated by the site manager, “The Transparent Factory plays an important role within the Volkswagen brand. Here, visitors, customers, and guests come into direct contact with the mobility of tomorrow. We are a production plant, tourist attraction, event location, test lab, and delivery center – all in one. With the start of the production of the ID.3, we are giving the green light for our strategic realignment,”

It is unclear whether Volkswagen will take the same route in China. Because the Chinese have strict rules when it comes to EVs. And Volkswagen doesn’t have a pleasant history in the auto industry.