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Volkswagen to launch electric Microbus- 2024 ID.Buzz in the U.S. in 2023


Source: www.volkswagenag.com

Volkswagen is a Wolfsburg-based German multinational automotive company that is known for its commercial vehicles and automobile-related services. The Germans are said to work with the world’s best automotive technology and are known for their reputation across international borders.

Having said that, Electric Vehicles are the future of this industry and sooner or later every consumer in every part of the world is going to adapt to this change. As Electric Vehicles have become wildly common in the United States and Europe, Volkswagen has announced that its Electric Microbus named “ID.Buzz” is on its way to the commercial market. The company also mentioned that their latest electric microbus will first be launched in Europe and only then will it be introduced in the Unites States’ market in the year 2023. This information was officially made by the company where it told this to Card and Driver, according to Engadget.

The German automaker has made some distinct decisions for the launch of its 2024 ID.Buzz where it has revealed that there will be more than one versions of their Electric Microbus to be launched in Europe than in the United States. These variants would most likely include commercial and passenger variants with long and short wheelbase, as mentioned in a report by Engadget. Several other reports have also confirmed that the United States market will only be offered ID.Buzz in long-wheelbase passenger variant.

The United States will also be left behind with Volkswagen’s autonomous technology. The German multinational automaker has decided to launch a fully autonomous variant of their Electric Microbus which will certainly be the first fully autonomous variant from the entire Volkswagen Group which comprise of several other high-end automotive brands. However, sad news for the United States because this fully autonomous variant of the ID.Buzz will not be released in the U.S.

The launch of ID.Buzz was first announced in the year 2017 when the company said that its Electric Microbus will be launched in the European markets by 2022 and the company has recently affirmed to abide by their words. But this is not true for the United States market because the launch will probably be a year later than expected.

As mentioned in a report by Car and Driver, the ID.Buzz at entry level will feature a rear-wheel-drive variant that will boast of approximately 200 horsepower and another variant with an all-wheel-drive version will feature up to 300 horsepower which is very impressive for an Electric Vehicle.




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