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Volvo’s Polestar 3 infotainment system to be powered by Android OS

Volvo cars announced that they are going to use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 3rd generation digital cockpit technology to power the infotainment system of their future vehicles. It means Polestar 3 will be having an advanced infotainment system with Google’s Android Automotive Operating System (AAOS). It will be much faster with additional features like a smartphone.

Polestar next-gen Android Automotive infotainment powers up at CES 2022

Image credits- CNET

Volvo Cars have been pushing towards carbon neutrality and electrification. From the production process to different marques their carbon neutrality goal is included with a goal to be fully electric by 2030. Now as they focus on new technology, the Android OS is to be included in the upcoming Polestar. The joint venture of Volvo and Geely is focused on zero carbon emission with the lineup of Polestar marque. The lineup found success with the  Polestar 2 BEV.

Polestar 3 is expected to be big since the announcement in December 2021 about the three-year plan for two additional models. The premium independent brand delivered two models- one PHEV, Polestar 1, and an all-electric Polestar 2 so far. Volvo cars have a lot going on and this is part of it. Now give a glimpse of the infotainment system that the next vehicle will include. The developments include the technology coming from Qualcomm technologies. Volvo cars tapped them for the supply of third-generation Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms and its advanced suite of wireless technologies to the new system.

Transformative potential

senior vice president and GM, automotive, Qualcomm Technologies stated, “Our technology development with Volvo Cars spotlights the transformative potential of our Snapdragon automotive solutions featured in the Snapdragon Digital Chassis. Utilizing our latest hardware and software innovations to multiply the speeds of in-car computing, graphics generation, and audio processing over prior alternatives, the Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms represents the cutting edge of automotive technology. We are honored to work with Volvo Cars to enable the next-generation experiences we are building together.”

This Android OS was developed as a collaboration between automaker and Android OS maker. The resulted in an infotainment system that is 2.5 times faster overall, with 5–10 times faster graphics rendering and 2.5 times faster audio digital signal processing. This system will also offer hands-free help from Google Assistant and Google Maps navigation. Additionally, it can also utilize Google’s Android Automotive Operating System (AAOS). Any further updates for the infotainment system will be updated through OTA updates (Over The Air). Volvo and Polestar have developed such updating options in the past and this is expected to be even faster. The upcoming Polestar 3 is expected to be launched in the US by this year.




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