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Waterfield Advisors set to raise USD 100M from Indian family offices

Waterfield Advisors

Source: Future Family Office

Waterfield Advisors is a Mumbai-based company that offers its services to help family offices and its core business objective is to enhance and preserve the wealth of its clients in both personal and professional aspects.

Recently, the multi-family office advisor company has announced to have been raising USD 100 million worth Funds of Funds from family offices in India, as reported by Deal Street Asia. The report further mentions that this funding will be used to invest in successful Venture Capital firms and Private Equity firms in the country.

Founded back in 2011 by Soumya Rajan, the company is solely dedicated to helping out multi-family offices in India and the founder has also mentioned in a statement that the company has finalised the Funds of Funds plan for raising funds and helping Indian Family Offices so that they have better access to the Indian fund managers in the country, as mentioned in a report by Deal Street Asia.

The company, however, expects to conclude its first FoF fundraising round by the end of June in 2021 which will finally conclude by the end of September of this year. According to economic and financial analysts, family offices and fund managers usually have a smaller pocket size when it comes to prominently raise funds from them. Going forward with the Funds of Funds method will give Indian family Offices, better access to such fund managers in the country.

Soumya Rajan, founder, Waterfield Advisors mentioned in a statement that Family Offices are paying fund managers to learn and then they raise capital from fund managers for the long term. He further added that with this Fund of Fund, the family offices may have paid the money for tuition but they are also benefitting from subsequently coming in as an institutional force. Furthermore, Rajan concludes his statement by saying that once you have got access to institutional funds, there is absolutely no space for family offices.

As reported by Daily Street Asia, the Fund shall be selected on both quantitative and qualitative parameters which will include the fund manager’s performance in relation to peers, access to high-quality deal flow, quality of term plan and succession plan and lastly exist track record among other such parameters.

By the first closure of the company’s funds, Waterfield Advisors will initiate deploying raised capital while continuing with its market efforts to attract more and more capital investments.




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