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Ways to Convert PDF File into Microsoft Word File

Word and PDF are the two most used text formats around the world. The Microsoft Word file dominance is quite explainable –  Microsoft Office is the king of desktop text editors for most PC users. 

But wondering, why is PDF so much popular?

According to a 2014 research, PDF is a very strong text format on the web. People love using PDF because it’s nearly equal to real paper – uneditable, just like a ‘hard copy’. And, it will look the same on any other computer. PDF is a majorly supported (you can open a pdf file in any browser without any special software installed), it’s reliable, all the elements are permanently fixed, and will stay in the same places no matter what. It just sounds like a perfect text solution.

PDF is amazing, and it won’t be replaced by any other format in the near future. So, fasten your seatbelt and try to solve this riddle known as Can I just, like, click on one button somewhere so my PDF will turn into Word files within seconds, and nothing is lost or corrupted?

Going ahead, here are some of the ways to convert your Microsoft office word document into PDF. Read ahead to find out the features of the ways and which type will suit the best:


Converting with Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat is one of the efficient ways to get your document converted into pdf as correct as possible. Though, this tool is a paid one, and certainly really expensive.

You can just have a free 7 day trial of Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud (DC), which can be used for one-time conversion. With a monthly billing of $15 with an annual commitment, this tool is really not your go-to option if you are looking for something in the budget.

Also, a one-year commitment is a long time. So, consider this tool only if you want an expensive option for your document conversion.

Converting with the help of Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is indeed an incredible and a free way of converting the PDF document into word documents. For this, you also need to have Micorsoft Office already. It is one of the efficient tools which are used to convert the word document, but, you won’t really get the right result of the desired document.

You won’t be able to get the right alignment of the text which won’t look professional in your meeting. It doesn’t provide the right alignment; instead consider investing in a web-based converter that is easy to use, and affordable.

Converting with the help of web apps

There are different web-based services that can help you to easily convert PDF files into word files. If you don’t want to go with Acrobat or Word option, then web apps are an equally important option.

In a web app, you can simply upload the field, fill in the required conversion method, and the process gets started. One of the web apps which are better than both Acrobat and Microsoft Office is PDFBear.

Going further, PDFBear is a PDF converter web app that can convert your word document into PDF without taking any time. It is simple, easy to use, and can be accessed by anyone with basic computer knowledge. With its diversified design, it can be used by any computer educated person.

 Also, there is no additional installation of the web app required, and quality is the key in this web app. It is one of the most recommended by its users. The reason behind this is that you can get PDF Bear at affordable rates, and it is equally easy to use.

If you want to convert PDF to word file, PDFBear is a much better option than both of the above options.


Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft, and web apps are the three ways to convert Microsoft Word into PDF. But, the defined web app- PDFBear should be your first choice if you are looking for affordable and the best option.



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