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Weather in Mumbai today and the whole month

Weather in Mumbai

Mumbai is located in the sub equatorial climate zone. The weather peculiarities are heavily influenced by monsoons. The most rainfall is from June to September. In the rest of the year, it drops to a minimum of 1 mm per month. The weather in Mumbai today is rainy, so the air is humid.

The peak of the rainy season is in July, but in August there is little hope for a decrease in rainfall. On average, precipitation is about 550 mm per month. Sunny weather is a rare occurrence since the number of cloudy and gloomy days is more than 27. Despite this, the air temperature is +34 degrees Celsius in daytime and +22 in evenings.

Usually, August has high humidity levels and strong monsoons. The wind speed is about 10-15 km/h. The seawater temperature reaches +28 degrees Celsius. Detailed information on the weather in Mumbai for today or a whole week can be found on Meteoprog.in.

How to learn any weather forecast on Meteoprog?

Meteoprog.in is a service providing detailed information on weather conditions in any city of India. The data on the resource is updated every hour, which allows users to receive the latest news on its changes in time. The long term weather forecast on Meteoprog.in will help you plan your outdoor or seaside holiday.

The service provides its users with the following information:

  • air temperature;
  • wind direction and speed;
  • probability of rain;
  • amount of precipitation;
  • daylight hours.

The level of sun’s rays activity will help protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation. It’s not recommended to go outside without sunscreen if the above level exceeds 5 points. You can find out the weather forecast for today, tomorrow or a whole week on Meteoprog.

How to use the weather forecast map?

Meteoprog.in offers customers to use its special feature. The weather forecast map provides data on the air temperature in any city of India. You can find out other details by clicking on the location of interest.

Using this special map, users will be able to find the following data:

  • air temperature;
  • water temperature;
  • 7 days weather forecast.

The map with the weather forecast allows you to quickly find the city you want to travel to for business purposes or family holidays. By clicking on the weather conditions tab, users can get recommendations on the choice of clothes. The weather forecast for today, next week or month will allow you to prepare for bad weather in advance and grab an umbrella if you need one.




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