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What is a Force Touch trackpad? Here’s how to use the MacBook too

Your MacBook’s Force Touch trackpad might look like a normal surface you run your fingers on. In reality it is so much more than that.

The Force Touch trackpad lets you Force click by pressing on the trackpad and then applying more pressure. This allows you to take advantage of added functionality in many apps and system features on your Mac- Apple.

If you have been wondering the possibilities of your trackpad, we’re here to make you aware of its superpowers.

Force Touch Trackpad for Mac: Ultimate guide | iMore

source- iMore

Make your Force Touch Trackpad work on a Macbook-

Since there is no physical button available to turn it on, your fingertip pressure will determine the turning on of Force Touch trackpad. You can work your own ways with Force Touch Trackpad on your Macbook. For instance, if you turn on the Trackpad’s Force Touch feature you will be able to track through music or movies.


What all you can do with Force Touch Trackpad?

We could have come up with a never ending list but here are just some examples that will sound fascinating to you.


Calendar: You can force click on a date or an event in the Mail app to add it to your calendar. Also never miss out anything important, force click an event in the calendar to see its details.

Messages:  Force click the circle in the sidebar with your contact’s initials in it to glance over conversation details and attachments.

QuickTime and iMovie: If you differentiate the pressure of your fingertips while navigating through these programs you will be able to forward and rewind your programs.

Reminders: Want to see the details of the reminder? Easy, Force click on it.

Photos: Force click when clicking the arrow through a series of photos in an album, and the pace will speed up with varying pressure.


Addresses: Force click an address in Safari to see a Maps preview of its location.

Docks: Force click a Dock icon to view all the windows you have open for that app.

File icons and file names: Force click a file icon to see a preview of its content or a file name in Finder to rename it quickly.

Look up: Force click a word in a webpage or in the Mail app to see its definition, Wikipedia information, and more.

How to customize the Force Trackpad

1. Open System Preferences.

2. Select “Trackpad.” From there, you’ll be able to activate and deactivate “Force Click and haptic feedback.”

You can also change how many fingers and what kind of click will activate “Look up and data detectors” (such as the date in an email), a secondary click (the equivalent of right-clicking), and adjust Force click pressure and tracking speed.



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