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What is local SEO?

What is local SEO? Every small or multi location business is using local SEO services to boost their visibility on search engine searches. They are using local SEO companies to get more customers by using the local SEO strategies. In our today’s guide about the local search engine optimization and the reason behind the use of local SEO.

Local SEO is also referred to as local search marketing and local search engine optimization. It is an incredibly effective strategy to advertise your business in the search engine or online. It also helps you to promote your product or service in the online market that will boost your customers, and give you maximum revenue.

These results can be achieved by using various strategies that are greatly different from the standard SEO. Some of the methods are easier to manage by using local SEO tools and require a local marketing service.

What is local Search?

According to Google Analytics there are 46% of searches that are by the local intent.  Anyone in the world who has a good grip on SEO can rank any query like ‘ how to fix blocked drain”, when this query has enough purchase and customers it will automatically convert into “plumbers near me” or “the best plumber in the location”. 

For such types of local queries that need locations or the keyword “near me” that is not necessary if you are searching on the google or in Google Maps if the google knows your location or it will automatically assume that it is local intent. Search engines know well what the searchers are looking for. So the results will be according to the search of the user intent.

The difference in the behaviour and results shown by the search engine apparently described the importance of local SEO and standard SEO and why we have to spend on the Local SEO. For effective seo you can use serp checker tool. 

What are local SERPs?

Local businesses always need to boost their traffic on their websites through their visibility on the “local pack” or “3-pack”. Local pack and 3-pack is the search results that will display after when you search in Google with any local intent. 

You will also see some information like opening times, reviews, and photos all coming from your website; it is just due to the advanced algorithms of Google. 

All of this information is coming from google my business profile, it is the critical and essential part of the local SEO that needs to fulfill and satisfy the search queries. There are some famous and free tools to check the local SERPs that will let you know if your site is being affected by the Google Algorithms updates.

What is Google My Business?

Previously at the time of Google+ Local it was known as Google Local. Google My Business is used to list your business by making your business profile on Google as the name suggests. You need to add information of the places, local pack, Google Maps and the most important thing when you search the brand name it likely to appear on the right side of the results of your business. This is also known as a Knowledge panel that shows the information of your services, contact, description of your business, category and your opening hours. Moreover, there are reviews on Google of my business profile that are purely generated by the users and customers.

What are the citations?

Citation is the place of business listing where all the information of your business appears including name, address, phone number, and website URL together that is mostly at the directory or business listing website. There are two types of citation” unstructured and structured citations. Structured Citations mostly appear in the business listing and the information comes from the form that is being filled by you and the listing is claimed.

Unstructured citations are typically the results of the press, social media from where all the information of your business. 

How do I rank well in local Search?

So, you are looking to know how local SEO works and you can achieve success by using it for your business. Let me tell you the three most important local seo steps that are essential to get success in the business by using local SEO.

Proximity: How prominent is your business in searches of the searchers?

Relevance: How relevant are your products and services to the queries of the searches?

Prominence:  What are the feedbacks by the consumers about your products and services?



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