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What services to use to download and process videos from Instagram

How to use video downloader and video rendering software to create content

Today, almost every user has to deal with the problem of closed social networks. This is especially true for Instagram. This application simply does not have such an option as “download video” or “save photo”.

In order to save the material you need from Instagram, you need to use a special video downloader. A great example would be Toolzu. This insta video saver is a really good service to download videos (as well as photos) from instagram accounts in excellent quality. Or you can just take a screenshot and crop the background, however, this will reduce the quality of the image.

Next, you need to process the saved content. Luckily, this won’t be much of a problem. There are just a huge number of products on the video editing market, you just need to choose from them.

Pinnacle Studio

Convenient, simple and reliable program from Corel. It has several versions, each of which is complemented by new functions and characteristics. The program is quite easy to use, has more than 2000 built-in effects, titles, markers. Allows you to work with different file formats and save the finished video in high quality to media of different formats: CD, DVD, Blue-Ray. This program has an advanced engine, the ability to install additional content and plug-ins, it is relatively inexpensive, and also supports Nvidia technologies;


The program is suitable for beginners, but limits the user to a standard set of templates.

  • Video saving time is slightly increased in comparison with professional versions of the programs.

VideoStudio Pro

A professional program for creating and converting high-quality video content that can be published on the web or burned to DVD and Blu-Ray discs in popular formats. It has a fairly large database of effects and transitions, allows you to create freeze frames. Also you will receive:

Simple and user-friendly interface;

  • Great functionality for the implementation of a variety of projects;
  • Video editing in several stages;
  • Fast saving of the finished material due to the hardware acceleration of the video card.

Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a free video and photo editing application. Ready-made videos are easily saved and are suitable for posting on social networks, as well as on video hosting sites. The program is already built into the Windows operating system and does not require additional installation. In addition to this, you will also get a simple and user-friendly interface that even a beginner can master and a fairly large set of built-in effects. However, the utility has limited functionality and is more suitable for simple amateur editing. The program is suitable for creating presentations and short videos.


A great free video editor option for hobbyists and beginners. The utility has many advanced tools and easily exports videos to social networks and popular video hosting sites, as well as burns discs. It supports the function of non-linear editing, video capture, gluing from several fragments, and can also adapt video of an outdated format to modern requirements.


  •                 Possibility of preview with sound track playback;
  •                 Record video and voice directly in the program;
  •                 Simple interface;
  •                 Compatible with all Windows products;
  •                 High conversion speed;
  •                 Additional utilities are loaded immediately with the application.
  •                 disadvantages
  •                 At this stage, the program does not support conversion with all social networks.
  •                 Another disadvantage is that the updates are quite heavy, which requires a lot of free hard disk space.


One of the most common utilities that offers the user more than 50 built-in effects. Allows you to change the sound design, supports different video formats. The utility is quite easy to use and has everything you need to create high-quality video content: titles, transitions, sound, filters. A novice video editor and professionals will be able to use the program to good use. Of the pluses can be noted:

Quick conversion of the finished video;

  • Compatibility with the equipment of any power;
  • Chrome key option;
  • Ability to work with sound files.

Remember that the free version is only given for 2 weeks and don’t forget to pay on time.

Adobe Premiere

One of the most popular non-linear editing utilities. Even in the production of Hollywood films, Adobe Systems products are used. The program is Russified. The company regularly releases updates and provides support to users. The utility has a large number of effects and filters, supports multitrack mode. Compatible with all PC operating systems and can import videos from different sources.

  • High resolution and sound quality;
  • Convenient interface with burning keys;
  • Trimming function allows you to perfectly fit the frame when gluing;
  • Ability to create videos in all popular formats;
  • You can access the program anywhere via the cloud;
  • Ability to process video in real time.


Thus, to download a video from Instagram and process it, you need 2 conditions:

1) Use/download a special video screensaver (Toolzu or something similar)

2) Use/download video editing software

Everything is very simple and fast. Good luck!



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