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What to Look For When You Buy A TV In 2021

If you’re planning to buy a TV for your home this year, there are a lot of factors you need to consider before you get one. If you really want to get the most out of your money, you’ll want to understand what’s really going on with your TVs. There are a number of brands like Sony, MI, Samsung & many more available today, featuring different features and offering a wide range of panel sizes within the same price range.

However, through Samsung coupons for tv you can save up to 50% on TVs that include QLED television, UHD 4K TV, full high speed TV, HD TV etc, If ordered online. Each shopper checks the parameters when shopping for a smartphone (such as RAM, camera, battery etc.) and is not similar for Tv, so here’s a short guide/Tips to help you make a smart choice while buying a TV in 2021.

1. Size Of The Screen

When it comes to TVs, bigger is actually better, so we recommend prioritizing size over any of the other features when it comes to size. The most popular TV size sold is 55″ so it is important to shop around to see if there are any price variations between different retailers for the same models. If you intend to buy a 43-inch TV, you can go up to 12 feet for a better viewing experience, and make sure there is a viewing distance of 6-9 feet. Go for a flat-screen TV, which gives you the best viewing experience with your family. However, TVs over 100-inches or a quality projector are suitable for very large spaces.

2. Price Range

Smart TVs aren’t cheap. This is definitely a huge consideration for most people and will decide the size, brand and features they can choose from. How much you usually want to pay determines the kind and size of TV you would be able to afford. But Xiaomi has brought a certain disruption to the market, so as more Mi TVs begin to establish a presence in India, there is some sort of price correction. Smart TVs from Samsung, LG and Sony are normally pricey, but you can get more coupons and discounts online. You may also consider other reputable brands, such as Tushiba and Xiaomi, for cheaper alternatives.

3. Brand

The question you should ask yourself is if you know the brand. In a store, the sales rep may attempt to sell any brand that favors the store, but does not fall into the pit. We are living in a digital age, and you can easily find reviews of brands online. Samsung, Panasonic, LG and Sony are the top brands of TVs on the market at the moment. The full range of Samsung models is stocked by Universal Home Theatre to meet your needs. There’s probably less worry about brand value, but a little research can go a long way if you’re considering a new brand. When you can not get a new component after a few years of use, it’s useless to have a broken smart TV at home.

4. Ports & Other Connectivity Options

Most tv sets have their connection ports located in the TV rear panel, some of which also accommodate frequently modified connection ports on the side panel or in the TV front panel. Remember to always pay attention to the number of connectivity options that a TV has to offer, particularly if you connect a bunch of devices to your TV, such as a streaming stick, a soundbar & a console. If you intend to use a TV for purposes other than connecting it to a set-top box, make sure you have communication ports such as HDMI, USB ports, 3.5mm audio jack, and other AV ports. Also, an additional bonus is providing Bluetooth. Basic factors to look for:- Refresh Rate, Contrast Ratio, Ports i.e. USB, HDMI, audio/video and VGA ports.

5. Smart Features

Just because a label says a TV is smart, you shouldn’t go for it blindly. If it can be linked to the Internet is the general understanding of a smart TV. There’s really no point in contemplating purchasing a smart TV if you don’t have broadband at home. With just a regular LED TV, you’d save a lot more. A Smart TV can be the best screen in the house for a family to watch content instead of crowding around the PC in the study, whether it’s for downloading games, social networking, browsing the web or watching music videos. When buying a smart TV, what you have to search is if it supports video streaming apps such as Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime and others. For example, Xiaomi Mi TV 4 does not come with such apps, but it is said that the organization is focusing on integrating the common streaming apps in India with the providers. All major media streaming services are powered by smart TVs from Sony, Samsung, LG and others.

6. Sound

A true TV viewing experience is a combination of visuals and sounds, and thus testing out the audio capabilities of the model is a must. You can only trust customer feedback if you’re buying online. Some of the revolutionary smart TVs come with a private listening mode through a headset that connects to the remote. This feature is very useful if you want to enjoy watching TV without upsetting the other members of the family. Using Bluetooth and two-way audio interfaces, you can link audio to a TV when connecting your mobile device to a sound system. If you want the best sound experience, suggest buying in a good sound system set up by selecting a decent sound bar.

7. HDR 

A relatively recent concept in TV space (HDR) video support refers to the capacity of TV to play back supported content with a higher dynamic range of color, a broader range of colors, and also brighter and cleaner visuals. The key quality of HDR video is better contrast within the same frame, making deep blacks and vibrant bright colours in various parts of the frame simultaneously. There are quite a number of new movies in the new 4K Blu-ray disk format, with an increasing number of HDR shows available through streaming services, such as Netflix And amazon Prime video. Don’t pick a set only for HDR support because the standard has not yet been set. However, if you want the latest, buy an HDR set as this format seems to be growing rapidly.

We hope that these factors have helped you to choose a TV that best suits your needs. Be smart when purchasing your smart TV online because you can get a range of deals and discounts on Samsung TVs and Sony TVs. After taking note of the features mentioned above, we hope you’ll feel better prepared to go shopping for your Smart TV.



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