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WhatsApp is dropping support for older smartphones



WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular instant messaging services and to be honest, there are several households whose only mode of entertainment and communication with others is WhatsApp and Facebook. Anyhow, both of these services are still up and running and will most likely be doing so for a long time, so no need to worry on that front.

However, according to the latest announcements, WhatsApp is dropping support for older smartphones and will no longer be operational on these devices. Users who are still using a very old smartphone might need to upgrade to the minimum Android Operating System required to run WhatsApp. So, congratulations on getting a reason to buy a new smartphone for yourself and apologies on WhatsApp’s behalf to drop off its support.

According to reports, Facebook-owned instant messaging service, WhatsApp will drop support for Android running smartphones that are older than Android 4.1, starting November 1st 2021.

As mentioned, WhatsApp suggests that users who are still using older devices and those who are likely to be impacted by the company’s decision may upgrade to a new smartphone that supports at least the minimum Android OS requirements.

So, this may seem like bad news but in order to continue availing the free instant messaging service that WhatsApp offers you, you will have to upgrade to a newer device.

WhatsApp is actively working to improve privacy and security for its services. End-to-end encryption is one such feature that safeguards all your chats between the sender and the receiver, not even WhatsApp can read your messages. However, this feature requires some latest technology that older smartphone devices won’t have. Thus, in order to keep up with technology, the company has taken this decision.

Also, every telecom partner, especially in India are trying to expand 5G coverage. There are several smartphone brands that are now offering budget 5G smartphones and even more pocket-friendly 4G smartphones that will keep you connected with the world while protecting your data and chats with its latest features and functionality.

So, spend less and enjoy more! If you are someone who is still using an older smartphone, go get yourself a much-awaited upgrade because you deserve it for still using an older device in 2021.

Let us know which smartphone caught your attention- Samsung, Oppo, Vivo or what?



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