WhatsApp Pay mockup illustration
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WhatsApp Pay offering Rs 51 cashback up to 5 times for making UPI Payments in India

WhatsApp Payments hasn’t taken off in India, and it’s not near as popular as Google Pay or Paytm. Now, the company is reported to be introducing a cashback campaign in India with the goal of attracting more users to its payment service. The development comes weeks after WhatsApp was spotted working on offering cashback for UPI payments.

WhatsApp Pay mockup illustration
Image: Shutterstock

WhatsApp will offer users Rs 51 cashback for making payments through the Facebook-owned instant messaging platform. There is no minimum amount requirement and one can collect it up to five times. To put it more simply, one can send a total of Rs. 5 to their five WhatsApp contacts and receive Rs. 255 in cashback. Even if those contacts do not return the initial money, you end up receiving Rs. 250 through the WhatsApp Pay cashback campaign.

The catch is that WhatsApp is currently offering cashback for making UPI payments to users using WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS users can’t avail the offer as of now. However, we might expect the program to be introduced to all Indian users in the upcoming weeks. We’ll have to wait and watch if this WhatsApp Pay cashback campaign helps WhatsApp grow its UPI payments footprint in India.

Moreover, the choice of words in the banner illustrates that one must send the money to five WhatsApp Pay contacts rather than their UPI ID or other popular UPI payment providers. I looked for WhatsApp Pay’s Rs. 51 cashback offer on two WhatsApp beta accounts and observed it to be unavailable on both of them, reflecting that the rollout is currently limited.

Screenshot of WhatsApp Pay Rs 51 cashback confirmation
Credits: Business Insider India

Terms and conditions to avail WhatsApp Pay Rs 51 cashback offer

  • Both the sender and the recipient must be WhatsApp Pay users.
  • Their WhatsApp account must have been active for at least 30 days.
  • The cashback will not be available if you have a WhatsApp Business account.
  • The promotional offer will be available on WhatsApp’s beta version or later and is limited to specific users at the time of writing.
  • The offer allows for a maximum of five cashback to be earned (a total of Rs. 255).
  • The transactions need to be made to five separate WhatsApp Pay users.

In other news, WhatsApp teamed with five Indian female artists/illustrators to introduce new Payments sticker packs solely for WhatsApp users in India. These stickers admire Indian culture as well as the women artists who curated it. The new illustrations are based on numerous cultural expressions associated with money exchange.