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WhatsApp may offer cashback to promote its payment feature

WhatsApp Payments is among the most latest features added to the popular instant messaging platform, and WhatsApp has been promoting it aggressively. According to reports, WhatsApp Payments may introduce cashback rewards in order to promote the service. This feature, however, is currently in development and may take some time to reach beta testers.

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According to WABetaInfo, on WhatsApp for Android beta version, a new cashback offer is arriving in WhatsApp Payments. According to the report, the cashback is for those who promote and market the digital payments feature. This feature seems to be in the works, as WhatsApp is currently revamping the info page and adding a few new icons to the platform.

The upcoming WhatsApp payment feature could be exclusive to India or introduced there initially. The cashback is linked to UPI payments in India as spotted by WABetaInfo. WhatsApp will be offering a cashback of up to Rs. 10 per transaction, although this may be hiked before the feature’s official launch.

Users can only receive one cashback, according to WABetaInfo. It’s unclear whether this indicates WhatsApp will only give you one cashback per payment or one cashback per transaction. There’s also some concern about whether cashback will be available primarily to new users or to existing users.

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The feature is currently under testing in the WhatsApp app, but it isn’t officially available to public beta testers. “Get cashback on your next payment,” it reads at the top of the chat list. To get started, simply tap on it. There isn’t enough information lately, but as the development continues, we may learn more about this WhatsApp payment feature. The cashback option, on the other hand, is clearly a strategy for WhatsApp to promote its payments service in India.

WhatsApp has already begun to roll out a new payments shortcut that makes it easier for users to discover the feature. Instead of being inside the attachments box, the payments button is now in the text area. In India, it also introduced background cards, which provide a splash of color and a more personalized experience to payments. This is identical to Google Pay’s background cards.

In India, Google Pay currently gives cashback up to Rs 10 on payments above Rs 150, primarily through coupons in collaboration with various brands via scratch cards. The platform also has a “milestone” feature, in which users are only rewarded after completing a certain amount of transactions. Paytm, on the other hand, offers scratch cards following payments, which can be Paytm First points, gamified stickers, coupons, or cashback up to Rs 10. PhonePe, in a similar fashion, offers interchangeable scratch cards after completing transactions using its service.

Source: WABetaInfo