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WhatsApp teamed up with five Indian artists to bring in-app stickers for payments
Here’s How to use stickers in WhatsApp Payments

WhatsApp introduces a collection of stickers to facilitate sending payments on WhatsApp more visually appealing. The new illustrations are based on numerous cultural expressions associated with money exchange.

WhatsApp Pay Banner Image

WhatsApp teamed with five Indian female artists/illustrators to produce this new Payments sticker pack solely for WhatsApp users in India. These sticker bundles honor Indian culture as well as the women artists who curated it.

These stickers, which come in five packs, illustrate diverse experiences with money and payments in Indian culture. When users try to pay money to a contact on WhatsApp, these stickers appear in the Payments section. Users can pick a sticker within WhatsApp Payments by simply finding the appropriate sticker while looking to transfer funds. The money as well as the picked sticker will be sent to the recipient.

Manesh Mahatme, Director of Payments, WhatsApp India commented on the development saying, “We believe that there’s a story behind every payment. Our aim is to onboard the next 500mn to the digital payments ecosystem and drives financial inclusion at scale. Hence, in line with our continuous endeavor to make sending money relatable and relevant for every user, we have collaborated with 5 accomplished women artists, rooted in India’s evolving culture, to bring alive some of the popular phrases and societal nuances that express payments experiences in a fun and compelling way.”

The first WhatsApp Pay sticker collection, titled ‘Pyaar aur Payments,’ was designed by Anjali Mehta, an artist, and illustrator. Her sticker collection is centered on the sentimental significance of money. Anuja Pothireddy, a sketch artist and gif curator designed the second sticker collection, dubbed ‘Pay OK Please,’ with the idea of expressing stories of happy payment experiences.

The third sticker pack, titled ‘Pay Aadha or Zyaada,’ was crafted by independent illustrator and muralist Neethi. This sticker set offers a unique take on how people’s payment experiences can be. The fourth sticker pack, titled ‘Sabse Bada Rupaiya,’ was designed by illustrator and artist Osheen Silva. Likewise, the ‘Apna Sapna Money‘ sticker was created by Mumbai-based graphic designer Mira Felicia Malhotra.

WhatsApp Pay Stickers India
Courtesy: WhatsApp India

How to Add a Sticker to WhatsApp Payments:

Step 1: To use this feature, update WhatsApp to the latest version.

Step 2: Start a conversation with the person to whom you want to send money.

Step 3: Now, between the camera and attachment icons, click on the Rupee icon.

Step 4: Enter the amount you wish to send to the contact.

Step 5: You’ll see an option to add a note on the payment screen.

Step 6: Next to the Emojis icon, you’ll find the option to add Stickers.

Step 7: Select the sticker there, then click Next.

Step 8: Now, tap Send Payment and enter your UPI Pin.

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