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When Art Meets Technology
Artists Adopting to Digital Ways

The Light Echo

Video Credits: Cooper Hewitt, YouTube

Digital art projects too are all the rage these days. Aaron Koblin and Ben Tricklebank have been able to come up with a beautiful piece of art with their collaborative efforts and by fusing technology with art. They simply placed a giant laser beam projector on the roof of a train moving through California.

After that, they proceeded to project various things such as pieces of poetry, onto the starry night sky and the scenery. All these images and light that were projected left an ‘echo’ on the path travelled by the train. These images were then captured with the help of long exposure. When displaced it was an out of the ordinary multi-media experience for the audience.

Pascal Dombis, Irrational Geometrics digital art installation.
Image Credits: Wikipedia

Art and technology are often considered to be opposites and yet these two come together more than often in order to create something beautiful. Artist may get involved in more than one ways to express their artistic side. When it is paired with technology in the creation or demonstration stage, it elevates the creation to a whole another level.

There are many ways when an artist can infuse technology with art. One of such ways is ‘Digital Manipulation’. It stands for to transform a piece of artwork digitally. This can be done with any digital program that allows digital drawing and editing. There are various methods and techniques which one can use to digitally manipulate the piece of art and create something new.

Many artists employ a lot of modern tech in their artforms. This could be Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). In terms of physical aspects digital designs and 3D printers often used. There are multiple online art platforms present which help such artists promote their art and also stay in touch with the artistic community.

Technology has changed art in so many ways. The way it is made and consumed. Technology also gives many artists a platform to showcase their creativity and provides them with visibility. With the help of social media and trend of sharing artworks, it has made many artists gain appreciation for their artwork.

Digital drawing also allows the artists to create the pieces of art and discard without wasting much resources such as paper and expensive paint. This can prove to be extremely helpful in the trial and error phase. It helps them to understand shading and coloring part and if they made any mistake they can simply ‘undo’ it.

Many prestigious art museums around the world have started using virtual technology. With the help of virtual technology these museums are able to conduct online virtual tours and display their rare artifacts for the audience. This provides a good opportunity to experience this to those who might not be able to physically access this. There are also some museums who have used technology in order to develop apps. These apps are able to answer the visitor’s questions and curiosities right away.

By employing digital programing, artists can also control the lights that go into the display of the demonstration of their art. It works as a part of the entire process. They can also add some amount of sound to go with the show or in order to add a certain amount of artistic angle.






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