Mobileye To Supply Automated Driving Cars for Udelv’s Transportation
The 4-year old silicon valley start-up to provide cars on subscription basis.

The ambitious 4-year-old Silicon valley start-up acquired by Intel has many goals to achieve. Mobileye aims to provide an automated delivery system to Udelv by 2023.

Intel's Mobileye teams with startup Udelv on automated delivery
Image credits- Yahoo News

One among a dozen

Udlev’s transporter is one among the few transportation facilities in America to use driverless transportation. This is not new, however, as Mobileye has been working on the sensors and camera system early on, their advanced technology is slightly unique.

Mobileye’s system includes, EyeQ system-on-chip-based level 4 (L4) compute. Alongside the software and sensors, it also has a proprietary Road Experience Management AV mapping solution.

Amnon Shashua is Mobileye’s CEO, who said,

“Our deal with Udelv is significant for its size, scope and rapid deployment timeline, demonstrating our ability to deliver Mobileye Drive for commercial use now and in volume,”

Also,  Udelv has already run through an automated driving system in 2018. Then it was a test drive on the public road rather than commercial use. With their alliance with Mobileye, they expect to increase their sales in different countries.

Daniel Laury, Udelv’s CEO says,

“The readiness of Mobileye Drive, along with its vast map coverage of North America, Europe and Asia, will allow us to ramp up the production and deployment of Udelv Transporters and rapidly offer the service at scale.”

The big plan

Both Udelv and Mobileye have ambitious plans for their companies, individually. Udelv has plans to build at least 35,000 transporters by 2023, at max by 2028. Though the deal with Mobileye details is not fully disclosed, there is no surety of whether all the vehicles will be by Mobileye.

For now, Udelv is using Ford Transit connect. Their shift to Mobileye is to have world-class services, as Mobileye’s expertise of added value.

On the other hand, Mobileye’s plans include deploying autonomous shuttle in Europe with Lohr Group and Transdev ATS. By next year, the company plans to have its services in Israel. Unlike its competitor, they are specialized in the core technology involved.

Mobileye’s REM system collects data from thousands of vehicles and then analyses for a better-automated system while driving.

It’s competitors

Google’s Waymo, General Motor’s BrightDrop, and Amazon’s Zooks are a few of the top most companies in Automated driving transportation. Gatik, is another self-driving system working of provided its services to warehouse transportation. Nuro R2 is working on delivering groceries and allied with Domino’s.  Each has its own advantages and are specifically targeting one industry. We are yet to experience self-driving technology, excluding some areas in the US.