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Will Technology Be the Downfall for Casinos in Goa?

The casinos are the best thing to do for travellers in Goa. The experience is unforgettable for thousands of Indians and non-Indians visiting Goa every year. India has casinos in two cities only – Goa and Sikkim. This rare availability makes Goa a large attraction for many people in the country. However, with a rapid rise in technology, the essential question now is for how much time will this attraction continue?

The gaming industry has always lagged behind when it comes to implementing the technology. These changes are made only when it results in a financial benefit or is mandatory for the owner. From robots to RFID, brick and mortar casinos have also implemented many technological innovations all over the world. But Casino Goa establishments still lag behind when compared to the rest of the world.

The advent of online casinos

It is evident that online casinos have never been in direct competition with brick and mortar casinos, but still, trends in recent years have shown a significant decline in the footfall of land casinos all over the world. Certain aspects of physical casinos are impossible to replicate online but online casinos have a lot of benefits too which attracts the punters across the country.

Advantages of online casinos

Online gambling has become the biggest industry all over the world. In bigger economies like the UK and US online casinos have been doing business worth billions of dollars annually for a long time. But it was not that popular in India till now. However, the past few years have seen a shift in the Indian gambling mindset too. Sports betting was always considered very important in India but now online casinos are also finding their way in. That is because of some very convenient advantages.

  • The Variety of Games: The online gambling industry has grown into a massive industry now. Many skill-based games have been approved by the government in almost all the states of India, which is taking the entire nation by storm. The catalogue is also increasing day by day. Now, Indians have access to all kinds of gambling games like Blackjack, poker, roulette, and much more. Gamers from various backgrounds and skills can be served easily.

  • Freebies and Rewards: Indians love freebies. They are always looking for new ways to make money without any investment of their own. Using card skills can allow them to earn lots of money without even having to bet anything in the beginning. Thus, the popularity of signing up on various gambling websites is increasing day by day.

  • Mobile Network: 80% of households in India now have a smartphone with unlimited data. Not all these households can afford to go to Goa to gamble, but they can all access the wide range of mobile casinos available to them all the time. Whether they are traveling, in office, at home or at a party; they can play the casino games easily with the touch of a button. With the upcoming 5G plans, the data speed is also going up rapidly. Hundreds of people can now gamble online without lag and they do not even have to compromise on their regular life. Additionally, there is no travel cost involved.

The Future of Gambling

The kind of success online gambling is enjoying today, it’s safe to say that it is not a fad. The future looks pretty bright. Of course, it cannot replace the experience of physical casinos but it sure has some undeniable advantages. It is new, safe, available 24×7, fun, colourful, rewarding and legal. Going to Goa and gambling in a casino is an incredible experience but cannot be done even on an annual basis by many people in India. That is the main reason that makes technology responsible for the downfall of footfall.



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