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Xbox Series S at Rs 34,990- The deal for gamers 2077

Xbox Series S at Rs 34,990- a better choice than a PC-setup. 

In the event that you are a gaming head and have a PC set up for gaming, it is the reward time to endure the life-changing COVID-19 pandemic. Microsoft just declared the next-generation Xbox consoles with outstanding release updates. Series X has been long in the conversation since a year ago and carries a large group of energizing developments to the gaming network. In any case, the Series S came as a shock and Microsoft dropped the mic with the costs – they are incredible!
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Xbox series

source- news18

Believe it or not The Xbox Series S costs only Rs 34,990. Now it sounds a little astonishing considering what goods it has to offer. The hardware, its everything right in its place.

What Xbox Series S has in store to bring to the table?


Xbox Series S gives you 120fps frame rates, 2K gaming, ray tracing and other Microsoft’s Xbox features. The most surprising fact is that the new Xbox is one-fourth the size of the Series X console box. However, threads of memes on its size and appearance are trending on Twitter.


While the hardware set is only a piece of the game, the product makes the Series S an overpowering package.



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