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Women @ Techstory – Ms Noopur Raghunath, founder – Certus Technologies

A few days ago we did a story about ‘eKAVACH – A revolutionary app for every family!!!’ (https://techstory.in/ekavach-a-revolutionary-app-for-every-family/). eKAVACH is an app that will be useful to each and every parent who has ever given their kids a smartphone to handle. In this article, we look at the person behind this venture, which is poised to solve such a huge problem that the Indian society is facing today. Meet Ms Noopur Raghunath, the founder of Certus Technologies.

The founder of Certus Technologies, Ms Noopur Raghunath is an entrepreneur, management professional, a wife and a mother. With a Masters in Management and Public Administration she has a diverse work experience across the Services, IT and manufacturing industries for well over a decade. Below are some of the excerpts from our chat with Ms Noopur.

It was during one of the discussions with her friends that Noopur Raghunath realized the gravity of the problem caused by uninterrupted and unmonitored access to the information over the internet and decided to launch an app called eKAVACH.



Noopur on her venture 

With Certus Technologies, Noopur’s vision is to create innovative mobility products for the Indian market, with a focus on resolving real life issues in the emerging digital world. eKAVACH is an embodiment of her commitment to enable parents to be more informed and invigorated by a deeper understanding of their child’s online and social media activities.

Noopur on challenges she faced 

Coming back to work after a long hiatus was in itself a challenge. It was challenging to maintain a balance between work life and family during tough times of my entrepreneurial journey still I admit I have enjoyed every moment of it and now I can proudly say that persistence and audacity make things happen!

Noopur on family 

My family has been a huge part of my decisions and my support mechanism. My husband taught me hard work, my mother taught me compassion and my brother taught me that there are no limits. My family has given me undeniable synergies by their support.

Noopur on women

“I feel women are amazing. They can be mothers, entrepreneurs , guides and wives, all while looking virtuous and feeling fabulous”



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