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Won’t Limit Features If Rejected Privacy Policy; WhatsApp Backs Off


WhatsApp recently announced that it will not be limiting the features of the app for thise who reject the new privacy policy and disagree to let it share its data with facebook and other related companies.

This all started in the month of January when WhatsApp updated its privacy policy and terms of service, after which, the users were left with three options- accept to share their data with Facebook and other companies, stop using the app or delete the app once and for all.

This update faced a lot of backlash due to which, the company had to postpone the date of launch for the updated policy from January 8 to May 15.

After a period of four months, in May, WhatsApp said that it plans to delete the accounts of peple who refuse to accept the new policy and terms. But it revised its plan again and said that starting from May 15, the people who disagree to the policy will start to experience limited features on the app.

WhatsApp is now backing off from its decision to limit the features for those who refuse to accept the privacy policy. WhatsApp changed its post from May 15 and it now says that the users will not have their account deleted, nor will they lose any functionality, even if they fail to agree with the privacy policy of the app.

In a recent statement, WhatsApp said-“Given recent discussions with various authorities and privacy experts, we want to make clear that we will not limit the functionality of how WhatsApp works for those who have not yet accepted the update.”

“We will continue to remind users from time to time and let them accept the update, including when they choose to use relevant optional features like communicating with a business that is receiving support from Facebook,” it said further in its statement.

It further said that while most of the users have read the new privacy policy and accepted them, WhatsApp will still continue to show reminders about the update to provide more information regarding the update and give chance to the users to review, understand and accept the update.

Facebook companies who will be able to access WhatsApp users’ data as mentioned in the new privacy policy update include Facebook, Facebook Payments, Onavo, Facebook Technologies, and CrowdTangle.

“We may use the information we receive from them, and they may use the information we share with them, to help operate, provide, improve, understand, customize, support, and market our Services and their offerings, including the Facebook Company Products,” WhatsApp said while explaining its decision.




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