Wordle is the new trend that everyone is following on Twitter. As the name suggests, it is a game of words. All you require is a good sense of wordplay and patience. Wordle game is available for iOS and Android.

The rules are simple. Players have to guess a mystery five-letter word, known as the “wordle” in six attempts. It was created by Reddit software engineer Josh Wardle, who invented it for his partner, who likes word games. This simplicity of the game made it more desirable for the busy world since now people have started going out in public for work. The game doesn’t take much of your time but people are obsessed with it.

The following hilarious tweets on Wordle can prove people are loving this frustration the game is giving to them.


The new level 245 is pissing everyone off but it doesn’t matter until we are getting entertaining memes out of this frustration.


The worldwide famous newspaper publisher, New York Times, bought the Wordle game in January 2022 when the game was at its peak of popularity. However, that was the time when users started complaining about the increased difficulty level for a game that is supposed to be light and fun. But it’s an addictive game so no matter how much people are complaining they are still playing.


Don’t get confused with these color blocks. The green block means the letter and the position are correct whereas the yellow block means the letter you have guessed is correct but the positioning is wrong. And grey means the letter does not exist in that particular word. See you got it!