Elon Musk's Boring Company has submitted a proposal for a 6.2-mile underground transit system in Miami

Elon Musk’s Boring Company proposes 6.2 mile tunnel transit system in Miami

Elon Musk’s Boring Company submitted a proposal for a 6.2-mile tunnel transit system in Miami. Names as the North Miami Beach Loop, Tesla vehicles would ferry along State Road 826 between seven stations. It will be between the Golden Glades Transit Center and Sunny Isles Beach at Newport Pier.

Elon Musk's Boring Company has submitted a proposal for a 6.2-mile underground transit system in Miami
Image credits- Tampa Bay Times

The proposal was first seen by Business Insider. It states that the loop would initially be able to carry more than 7,500 passengers per hour, and could be scaled to carry more than 15,000 per hour, according to company estimations. Also, the estimated costs for the project are from $185 million to $220 million. t predicts that construction would take fewer than three years if the permitting process was expedited.

North Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Joseph said in an interview, “We have a lot of traffic congestion and this would be a way of alleviating a great deal of that traffic,” Furthermore, Commuters and visitors would benefit from having the tunnel network connecting the city center to the beach, Joseph said. He stated that the estimated cost per mile of the North Miami Beach Loop would be “a fraction of what is seen in other types of mass transit projects proposed in South Florida, while the construction would not be as disruptive to the local economy.”

Funding for the loop

Joseph said the city was trying to obtain funding for the loop and was seeking finance from regional, state, and federal governments. In March 2021, Joseph told that he had spoken to The Boring Company several times about an underground transit system, and had submitted a working paper to the tunneling firm for review.

The North Miami Beach Loop wouldn’t be as extensive as the Vegas Loop, a 29-mile tunnel system that is under construction by The Boring Company. The Vegas Loop is expected to connect Teslas to more than 50 stations across Las Vegas, per The Boring Company’s website. The Boring Company’s first underground transport system, the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop, opened in April 2021. The 1.7-mile tunnel network has three stops.

There are many videos on how riders in the loop tunnels find their experience. While most state that it is an incredible experience, there are statements about the system being slower than expected. Currently, Tesla vehicles are used with drivers. In coming years as Tesla’s self driving technology advances, more self driving Tesla are expected to be used in the loop system.