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Millennial-Friendly Work Culture Drives Business Outcomes At Indegene

Who do you go for better healthcare and business outcomes? How do you win at the marketplace? If you are a player in the global healthcare sector, Indegene provides a one-stop solution for all your worries.

What Indegene Does

Indegene works to seamlessly integrate technology, medical expertise, analytics and operations to enable global healthcare organisations to address complex challenges. The focus is on driving better health and business outcomes.

“Indegene is rightly poised to leverage the evolving digital landscape working on next gen technologies by making huge investments in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, and Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI).” says Bina Patil, VP – HR.

Indegene has capitalised on the digitalisation revolution to achieve its maximum potential and uses IP-based solutions to help clients drive productivity and revenues. Redefining leaps in digitalization of customer engagement, health reform, healthcare cost reduction, and health outcomes improvement make Indegene one of a kind.

The Millennial-Friendly Workplace

Source: Glassdoor

Apart from its revolutionary advances in digitisation and the impact it has had, Indegene is also reputed for its highly employee friendly workplace environment and work culture. The high ratings on Glassdoor, which provides an inside scoop on the workplace and work culture, stand as testimony to this fact. Indegene was also the winner of Best Places to Work Survey 2016.

“Indegene offers meaningful work and a creative outlet, making it the apt place for millennials who are confident and have an urge to achieve. Statistics reassure us that we have always had an environment conducive for millennials, as the average age of our employees has been 25-35 years over the past many years.” says Bina Patil, VP – HR.

Indegene has a reputation for being relentless in finding practical and ingenious solutions for customers. Millennials, who believe that real innovation entails constantly looking ahead and building expertise in emerging capabilities, resonate with this vision of Indegene.

The Top to Bottom to Top Approach at Indegene

At Indegene, while the top management sets the tone for the growth strategy, there is an open work culture with forums at different levels that encourage talent to share and work on the chosen ideas. This holistic involvement on the path to implementation gives the workplace a sense of home. Moreover, Indegene collaborates seamlessly across teams in 50 countries, with different academic and cultural background, and diverse capabilities.

“Core research initiatives happen from the Bangalore office, giving a holistic view of the product life-cycle – something that is most valued by the young talent.” says Bina Patil, VP – HR

Mr Manish Gupta, CEO

The CEO is Mr. Manish Gupta, who is a living example of the passion, innovation and high levels of energy that the company is recognised for. His role is paramount to the work culture at Indegene, and reaches out to all employees through I-roots (a session wherein the CEO explains the conception of Indegene and its growth trajectory to the new joiners), all hands meet and informally connect with employees.

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Employee Retention and Talent Acquisition

Employee retention at Indegene is all about formulating the right strategy to inspire and motivate the acquired talent. Indegene is a confluence of diverse skills with an open culture to explore new ideas. The expanded gamut of technologies with a global platform to solve complex industry challenges makes it a most attractive choice for the millennial talent to find meaning and purpose for their work. Indegene looks at the concept of total rewards wherein what they offer is beyond compensation.

“We enrich our talent with greater responsibilities, exposure to global markets, real-time recognition, work-life integration, flexibility along with various other benefits.” says Bina Patil, VP – HR

Work Culture and Productivity

Source: Glassdoor

The company culture of being entrepreneurial, flat in structure and global with access to the senior leadership provides autonomy for talent to be high performers and deliver great results. Further, the company works on deploying the next generation technologies in real world scenarios and not simply on research projects.

“It is important for early stage companies to hire people with an entrepreneurial mind-set, thirst to achieve relevant work experience and make sure that employees find meaning in the work they do.” says Bina Patil, VP – HR

This work culture makes it possible to have a diverse approach to problems given the diverse skill set that the company nurtures. The lean structure and cross-pollination helps talent grow their personality and gives the company an edge when compared to competition-enhancing productivity at an individual level.

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