Walmart Patents Drones Technology To Increase Customer Experience While In Retail Stores

In any business customer experience is the most important thing. If you want your business to grow and become popular then you have to take care the needs and demands of the customers. Same is the case in the Retail stores. The competition has increased a lot in the commerce department with a number of websites offering good quality service to the customers.

It has seen that there is a sharp increase in the sales via these e-commerce websites and subsequently there is the decrease in the sales via Retail stores. So, in this case, the retail stores need to come up with something that will maintain their sales and attract more customers toward them.

The main problem that any customers face during retail shopping is that he has to wait for finding the right item according to his need. There might be the case that customer is not able to locate the item within the store. This increases the need for the number of salesman or helper within the store which will eventually increase the cost of the store.

With keeping this problem in mind, Walmart, the biggest retail chain in the world, has come up with a brilliant idea. They have thought of using the drone technology to deliver the goods from the backyard to the customer shopping area. Walmart filed for the patent for the same on 13th September 2016 and it was published on 16th March 2017.

What’s the idea?

The main idea behind implementing this technology is to increase the customer experience in the retail stores. As most of the customers face a lot of problem in locating the things that they are looking for. So, Walmart wants to solve this problem with the drone.

The drone will carry the products from one place to the other within the retail store. Suppose if there is some item that is kept in the backyard of the shop then, the drone will carry that item and move it to customers shopping area depending upon the requirement of the product.

How does it work?

There is a central computer system for the retail shop which conducts the entire operation including the direction of the drone. In this case, the central computer system utilizes a three-dimensional map of the entire retail shop. Then this map is used to determine a flight path for the drone. The central computer system can use the information from one or more onboard sensors or installed sensors for the retail shop to detect obstacles in the path of the drone.

The computer system can be programmed according to the retail shop. So, this technology offers high flexibility.

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Why is it useful?

This technology will be used by the Walmart in their retail shops as there are many benefits. Some of these benefits are-

  • It will increase the customer experience in the retail store.
  • It will save the time and effort of the customer in finding the right product. This will make the customer visit the store again.
  • It will also give a new look to the store as the customer will get attracted toward the new drone technology.
  • This technology is highly flexible which means that it can be customized according to the particular shop.
Image Source: freshpatents

What’s next?

Walmart has patented this technology which will give them a lot of advantage over the other retail chains. The technology is increasing at a very fast pace and if we will not remain updated with the technology then we will leave behind in the competition.

The fact is also that people love to see new technology being implemented in the real life and want to be the part of that. Walmart could use this technology in their retail stores which will increase the customer experience and subsequently reduce the number of salesmen required in the store.

Now it remains to be seen that how and when Walmart id going to implement this technology in their stores.

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