The Perks And Peeves Of “Work From Home” !

work from home

Entrepreneurship, online startups, freelancers. All these ways of working from home, maybe in your pyajamas, with whatever drink you want in your hand, seems all too charming, intriguing and exciting. It seems like a world of comfort, ease and, well, if not zero, than very little tension. That is the dream, right? But is it really that hassle-free and comfortable? Not really. Like, everything in the world, working from home has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

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  1. Like mentioned above, you can snuggle comfortably in your bed, wearing your pyjamas, with any food, drinks, cigarettes or whatever you want and do your job. There exists no necessity of putting on formals, to look presentable, go through official conducts or anything. You can feel free to look your worst while doing your work.
  1. While working, nobody stands above your head, checking on you, dictating you or bothering you. Your boss doesn’t keep an eye on you every instant, which, let’s be honest, can becoming very unnerving. You are given a deadline, till which you have to complete your work and that’s all.

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  1. You don’t have to go through the every day hassles of office life, like transportation, office meetings, HR meetings, fussing and complaining with and/or about your coworkers and boss.
  1. You don’t have to go through the pressure of strict and non-flexible working hours, reporting to your boss about every details and progress of your work
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  1. You work alone. You don’t have the company of co-workers to assist you or guide you or help you in any way. While working in an office, you have the option of turning to your colleague in case of doubt, or need for discussion. Such options are not available when you work from home.
  1. While working from home, you won’t have immediate access to old office documents required for your work.

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  1. Sometimes, too much work may be given to you with a very small amount of time to complete the work. This is often a problem faced by people, who work from home
  1. Working from home is really a flexible job, in which you decide when or how much you work. Hence, people tend to develop negligence and become lazy.
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