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This Is How You Can Achieve Work-Life Balance!

In our last video article, we shared about ‘how to find the work you love most!’.

Yet in this article, Techstory brings to you the TED talk of Nigel Marsh – Marketer and Author of business and personal life. Nigel comments that when he decided to step back from the workforce, and spent a year at home with his wife and four young children, he learnt about work-life balance from that year that it is quite easy to balance work and life when he didn’t have any work.  “So I went back to work, and I’ve spent these seven years since struggling with, studying and writing about work-life balance. And I have four observations I’d like to share with you today” says Nigel. 

Watch Nigel talk about how you can achieve work-life balance.

(Disclaimer: The video and the image has been sourced from Ted.com)

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