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World Bank’s refusal to back El Salvador opens door to a number of reactions on Twitter.

El Salvador has been making news for a while now with its historical move of legalizing bitcoin. A move that is supposedly revolutionary and which might go down in the history of crypto as a milestone move. The decision of the country was received with applause, crediting the president for his futuristic vision and prudence. However, seems like the World Bank is not convinced enough about the viability of the move. El Salvador’s hope of getting technical aid from the World Bank for implementing bitcoin was turned down stating environmental and transparency concerns.

El Salvador

Alejandro Zelaya

According to a spokesperson at the World Bank,

While the government did approach us for assistance on bitcoin, this is not something the World Bank can support given the environmental and transparency shortcomings.”

Looks like history is not made in the blink of an eye. The response from the World Bank has attracted the attention of a number of bitcoin enthusiasts and Twitter has been filled with reactions, responses, and memes ever since the news came forth.

Here is a set of reactions and responses from Twitter reflecting the opinions of people around the world.

Seems like the actual issue is a lack of knowledge.

One has to take care of one’s back.

However, some truths are hard pills to swallow.

Apparently, turning down the request for support has resulted in a lack of support for the World Bank itself.

We never run short of ironies.

Delving deep, some facts are making their presence known.

No is not always an easy way out, and the responses on Twitter underscores that.

And some questions for which answers are still in the fog.

Looks like the World Bank rushed head straight into what it was trying to avoid, just like Oedipus did.

The accusations are gaining momentum by the minute.

Sharper responses that hit home.

Or perhaps, technology is not everybody’s cup of tea.




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