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WWE 2K22 Reveals Yokozuna DLC

WWE 2K22 represents the largest playable roster of any WWE game in history at launch, with a full roster of legends, current superstars, and even some now found in AEW, Nippon Pro Wrestling, and more. In anticipation of the arrival of the first DLC pack, the studio behind the game provided their first impressions of the yokozuna in the game.

WWE 2K22

Credit @ WWE

WWE fans will likely keep an eye out for the release, especially with some of these names. A number of DLC wrestlers have leaked on PlayStation and Xbox storefronts, six of which are actually cross-sections of five DLC packs that will add 28 new playable characters and 28 new playable characters to WWE 2K22. Release dates for all WWE 2K22 Season Pass DLC packs have been announced, the first of which is the Viva Collection, which will add some iconic characters from wrestling history.

As for the first DLC pack, it will be available on April 26 and will be automatically downloaded depending on the version of 2K22 purchased. Pricing for individual packs has yet to be announced and we will update our WWE 2K22 DLC guide on April 26th before the Banzai packs are released to confirm pricing.

Changes and improvements will also continue to emerge as the WWE 2K22 roster expands when the first DLC pack arrives next week. Despite unveiling a massive roster that already features 168 current and former WWE Superstars, WWE, WWE, and 2K Games have been reluctant to show how big WWE 2K22’s roster will be thanks to its post-launch DLC pack.

Returning legends include former WWE 2K franchise star Yokozuna, Vader the Mighty, hardcore icon Cactus Jack, the stupid but technically beautiful Joker Doink, the bug-eating Boogeyman and Mr. Pei-Per himself. Included in the most wanted package featuring Mick Foley’s deadliest face, Cactus Jack, joins Big Van Vader in WWE 2K22. Omos, Commander Azeez and LA Knight are heading into the upcoming WWE 2K22 alongside classic favorites like Stacy Keibler and Yokozuna. Homos will also make his first appearance in 2K22 in the Banzai Pack, allowing players to become a massive 7ft 3in star.

As such, the WWE 2K22 Long Live Pack is the largest DLC pack for 2K22 with a total of seven wrestlers. As for the female lineup, this DLC will feature martial artist Charlie, as well as newly revamped star Josh Sarri. No one can guess why these three were released as DLC and not included in the core 2K22 roster. WWE 2K22 will receive five DLC packs featuring fighters such as Ronda Rousey, Cactus Jack, Big Van Vader and Rob Van Dam.



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