Xbox Game Pass In July 2021

Games Coming To Xbox Game Pass In July 2021

Xbox Game Pass In July 2021

Microsoft has announced a new wave of titles to be added to the Xbox Game Pass game library in July 2021. New games in the library include popular games such as Tropico 6, UFC 4, Farm Simulator 19, Medium, and more. Here are some of the titles that will leave the library in mid-July.

June was a huge month for Game Pass with more than 20 games joining the service during the month. Microsoft announced that at least one first-party title would appear on Game Pass this quarter. Now Xbox has announced the first wave of games to arrive on the Game Pass in July, including some that will be available on launch day. There will certainly be more during the month of games and departures, but what has been known so far is not yet known.

With the return of E3 comes many exciting announcements, from the teaser trailer for Starfield to the announcement of Outer Worlds 2 to the mini-fridge of the Xbox series. There are seven new games for fans added in July 2021, In addition to the new games coming out this month, fans should also pay attention to events taking place even if they are not related to the Xbox.

Xbox Game Pass In July 2021

  • UFC 4 on July 8
  • Tropico 6 on July 8
  • Dragon Quest Builders 2 on July 8
  • The Medium on  July 15
  • Farming Simulator 19 on July 15
  • Limbo on July 15
  • Bloodroots on July 15

Microsoft has positioned the future of Xbox on Xbox Game Pass, a Netflix-style subscription service that allows you to download hundreds of games for just $10 a month to your Xbox and PC. Xbox Game Pass includes full Microsoft first-party games, including the entire Halo series and Gears of War series, as well as a rotating selection of top third-party games and independent developers.

Xbox Game PassMicrosoft has struck a deal with Electronic Arts, which includes publishers with Xbox Game Pass, a Netflix-style subscription service that lets you download hundreds of games for less than $10 a month for Xbox or PC. The subscription includes Electronic Arts’ own subscription service as well as dozens of Electronic Arts classics from the last three generations of consoles. Game Pass also includes thought-provoking indies and the latest and greatest third-party releases in its library, although its monthly offerings vary depending on how many new titles are added. It is a good deal for video games, and while some of the best-published games that have reached the service have already been released, there are hundreds of other games that can be enjoyed at no extra cost overtime beyond the monthly subscription fee.