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Xbox Live Gold Membership Requirement Removed For Free-To-Play Multiplayer Games

Xbox Live Gold Membership Requirement Removed For Free-To-Play Multiplayer Games


It has distorted the value proposition of its Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S consoles to make online multiplayer more accessible and position its services ahead of the competition. This stems from ongoing efforts to revamp its subscription portfolio, with changes in the value of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass in the spotlight. These new changes to Xbox Live affect its online multiplayer subscription, which has been a major attraction since its inception.

Whether it’s Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, or any of the other free-to-play games on the platform, this change will bring net savings in monthly costs. Each decision is unique to you, but all are worth considering after the changeover. Xbox Live Gold plays a critical role in underpinning online multiplayer in other titles on the Xbox One. Top tracks can be played for free without a subscription, coupled with free party chat access to communicate with friends. Away from the small pool of free games, however, it is essential for online multiplayer.

Connecting with and playing with friends is an important part of playing, but we have not met the expectations of the players that count every day. As a result, we have decided not to change the prices of Live Gold. We’re using this moment to bring Live more into line with what we see as a gaming experience. If we have failed today and you have any rights to do better, please let us know.

Microsoft has previously reversed the prices up and down due to the negative reaction of some players when it increased the price in January. It previously cost $9.99 for a month, $24.99 over three months, and $39.99 after six months. On the other hand, with $14.99 more to spare per month, you can get the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

It seems that the coming months have passed and the time has come. A-Listers like Fortnite and Apex Legends could be played multiplayer and even access the party chats feature without Live Gold during the time Microsoft trial period. We will have to wait until these features pass the test and are ready for their official launch on the Xbox Live platform.

Microsoft has previously broken some parts of the paywall. The restriction will be removed for the Insider program on March 24. Microsoft’s Xbox Insider Program allows players to experience new Xbox features before the general public can get its hands on them. The Insider program is designed for game beta testing for your entire console interface and user experience.




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