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Xbox Series X Restock June-July Updates

Xbox Series X

Shoppers have long been told on Walmart’s website that the Xbox Series X is out of stock and needs to be reordered. Walmart has said it has replenished its stores with the console, so players should keep an eye on inventories. Players should look for Walmart Xbox Series X refills, Best Buy Xbox Series S refills and other retail stores to refill and upgrade the console.

New consoles from the Xbox X series appear in the Microsoft Store every week, so it’s worth checking to see if stocks are there. Microsoft Store New Shares have come in since June 8, but more drops are expected during the week at irregular intervals – so refresh this page for the best chance to grab a console. Asda is another retailer with an online store, and inventory of the Xbox Series S has been tight since Christmas, but the console is still selling well.

As frustrating as it is to find an Xbox Series S, we advise you to avoid buying a console from a scalper. Paying the odds for a console that doesn’t have a huge selection of new Xbox X games is not a smart move in our opinion.


Newegg remains the only major US retailer still stocking up on the Xbox Series X, although Microsoft’s next-gen console is sold out everywhere else. Newegg offers an Xbox S, also available at Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy, with the latter offering the console as part of various bundles. If you stick it out, Microsoft will probably ship more Series X devices, but without the promise of exclusive games for the console, there won’t be much choice of new Series X games.

Microsoft directs customers to its retail partners for their next console, and while the company is currently out of stock in the series X and S in the US, you can still buy and try them out through the Microsoft Store app for the Xbox One.

Keep an eye on GameStop’s Twitter account if they announce a re-run of the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S Store page if a deal goes live. Best Buy had an Xbox series X and a series S last month in stock, and they were one of the most talked-about retailers in terms of price changes in early 2021. They’ve had a number of share price falls this month, so look out for them after their last-minute introduction in 2020.

Xbox Series X And S

Walmart began giving people access to the Xbox Series X consoles last week when they signed up with a credit card for the Xbox All Access Program, but that is no longer available, so we’re waiting for the company to list new devices on its store pages of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series S. Target is no longer waiting to reduce inventories of its PS5 consoles, and all Xbox Series x consoles are now available in stores that have received the stock. That means Target no longer has a nationwide inventory decline, but consoles are still available at individual locations that have received inventory.

The expansion of the Xbox X series is expected to last until at least June 2021, Microsoft said. Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood echoed an earlier forecast from Microsoft’s head of investor relations, Mike Spencer, stating that Xbox X shares will be hard to find at least through June and into February. If you’re still having trouble tracking down the console, the problem will persist until “at least mid-2021,” Microsoft told the New York Times.


The Xbox Series X will continue to be available at major retailers, but it will likely be sporadic and sold out, so you never know when it will reappear. In June, the E3 season was in full swing, with publishers announcing the next big games for the console, but until most people get their hands on the new console, there will be some difficulties. The Xbox stock shortage will continue this year, but Microsoft’s new console-buying pilot program should improve the chances for hopeful buyers to buy an Xbox Series S. The program allows Xbox insiders to sign up to reserve a console, and Microsoft expanded the program to pilot shares on June 1, when a new wave of Xbox insiders is invited to buy the console.