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Xiaomi Teases To Use New “Silicon-Oxygen Anode” Batteries For Its Upcoming Mi 11 Ultra, Here Is What You Should Know
Xiaomi is planning to bring the phone (Mi 11 series) based on Silicon-Oxygen Anode Batteries, here is the complete details

We know Xiaomi has already scheduled for 29 March to begin its case. The Mi11 Pro, Mi 11 Ultra, and Mi Mix 4, which include liquid lens technology, are set to be unveiled by the China giant in the competition. Xiaomi called out the technologies of the Mi 11 Ultra battery and a newly designed Surge chip in the current teaser wave.

The Mi 11 Ultra is supplied with a silicone-oxygen anode battery, according to Xiaomi’s teasers on Weibo. The company hopes that the battery would be lighter and lead to quicker charging speeds with this stuff. Xiaomi says the way electric cars operate is close. Increase power by 10 times over graphites by adding Nano-scale material to negative electrodes.

The organization has not disclosed ample details for the custom Xiaomi chip to conclude. From the available knowledge, we can conclude that it is either an innovative smartphone SoC under the long-forgotten Surge name or a custom processor that is responsible for improved imagery or even telephone machine learning.

Although chances are that Xiaomi will announce a new chipset during the event, it will be a nice surprise.

Key Specs Of New Silicon Oxygen Anode In Mi 11 Ultra

Key Specs Of New Silicon Oxygen Anode In Mi 11 Ultra

Key Specs Of New Silicon Oxygen Anode In Mi 11 Ultra

Daniel points out that the “key advantages” of the Silicon-Oxygen anode on a tweet are identical to the batteries in electric cars. In a tweet, he says. According to the Executive, these batteries potentially improve their power and charging speed by using silicone materials of Nano-scale from the negative electrons instead of graphite. Mi 11 Ultra is claimed to contain a battery of 5,000mAh. 67W wired charge, 67W wireless charge, and 10W reverse charge are required to be supported.

In the meantime, a Xiaomi Weibo post says it will launch a new chip without an account. According to a GSMArena study, the Surge S1 SoC announced in 2017, may be indicated. Xiaomi would subsequently shelve his designs for the SoC. This time, Surge S2 SoC could be brought by the firm.

Also, this mobile phone was supposed to have been detected on TENAA and should have been accessible with the model number M2011J18C in 12GB+512GB and 16GB+512GB. MyFixGuide says, citing sources, queues that the alleged chip could be an ISP and could debut in the Mi Mix smartphone.

This will take place at 7:30 p.m. GMT+8 on March 29, as discussed earlier. This is Monday at 5:00 pm IST in India. On Facebook, Twitter, you can watch the event live or the website of the organization.

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