American Cancer society

You can now donate using Dogecoin for cancer research

Dogecoin has gotten seriously popular and has become the 4th largest cryptocurrency recently. It was even very close to replacing the Binance coin from the 3rd position. And while all this was happening, the American Cancer Society decided to add it to their list of accepted cryptocurrencies for receiving donations. So, now you can donate using dogecoin, bitcoin, or any other crypto on their platform. These donations received by the society will be used to fund cancer research that has seen a massive problem due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Donating in crypto is better than cash.


We all know the benefits of decentralized finance, and even the American Cancer Society acknowledges that. By donating in crypto, one can save a lot on tax. As per the organization, the difference can be as high s 30%. At the same time, the money donated can keep appreciating over time till its used. This is subjectable to changes of the market, but considering we are in a bull market, appreciation is expected.

We should also consider the fact that crypto is much easily transferrable and can be easily utilized. In general, it isn’t easy to donate to societies or organizations that are overseas but using cryptocurrencies that is easily possible. The coins do have high volatility but also outdo inflation by a huge margin by keeping the value intact if not increase over time.

What are the other currencies that the American cancer society accepts?

If you want to donate to the American cancer society, you can also pay through BTC, ETH, AMP, BAT, BCH, LINK, and DAI. If you want to donate using Dogecoin, that’s fine, but society has many options. So, anyone wanting to make a contribution doesn’t have to go through any hassle. You can check out the full list of crypto in the blog link on their tweet.

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