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Your Guide to Become Better at Video Games: 9 Suggestions

Video games are a casual hobby for many people. However, there are some players who dream about becoming a pro and joining a team or even starting a streaming career.

Few manage to reach a point where they can make a comfortable living from gaming, but the idea is not that far-fetched if you are serious about it. 

Let’s take a look at 9 suggestions that should be part of the professional gamer strategy, or rather a routine. 

Enhance Games Using Mods

Mods are quite common in video games. For example, there are FS22 Mods that enhance the overall gaming experience and introduce new features. Games like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 have a plethora of different add-ons for quality-of-life improvements.

Making the most out of available tools to get an advantage is one of the ways to get ahead of other players. Therefore, keep an eye on available mods and see if they can help you become a better player.

One thing to note, though, is that certain video games have clear restrictions from third-party tools, so keep that in mind.

Study Other Players

You should practice yourself as much as you can, but studying the best in the business is also valuable. You can tune in to Twitch TV and follow the POV of some of the best players, provided that they are streaming.

YouTube also has plenty of videos and tutorials from experienced players, and watching such content would not be a waste of time.

Keep Up With Gaming News and Trends

Be it new video games, patch updates, accessories, or other gaming-related trends and news, you should be up to date with what is happening. 

Missing the trends and news might lead you to fall behind on other players, whereas being one of the first to familiarize yourself with them will give you an edge.

Invest in Proper Gaming Equipment

Proper gaming equipment is quite expensive, but the investment is worth it if you are serious about becoming a professional. 

There is a significant difference between playing a video game on a five-dollar mouse or keyboard and using accessories from Razer, Steelseries, or another renowned gaming equipment manufacturer. 

Join Competitive Communities

Early on, you are unlikely to land on a team that you can consistently train with, so you will need to look for other opportunities. 

If a video game you play is popular, there should be ways to create a competitive environment for yourself. Even amateur tournaments that accept everyone are a great stepping stone. You can prepare for the tournament like your life depends on it and show that you are serious about it.

Organizing in-house leagues or games yourself is also one of the options, though it might take too much of your time that you would rather spend practicing by playing the game. 

Create a Proper Training Schedule

Those who want to get ahead of other players should create a proper training schedule. Treat the idea as a job and set hours for when you wake up, when you practice solo, when you play with others, when you study players, and so on. 

At first, it might be difficult to get into the rhythm, and you may not have as much time due to other life commitments, but remember that there are probably hundreds if not more players who are putting effort into becoming better than you. 

Improve Mental Dexterity

Psychological warfare is common in sports, and esports are no exception. It is easy to get tilted by your opponents after they outplay and taunt you. 

Playing a team game also means relying on other players, and it can be difficult to be on the same page. Conflicts are common as well because mistakes happen.

Knowing how to regroup and not crumble because of a poor mentality is one of the things many gamers underestimate. If you want to become a professional, you need to work on improving your mental dexterity and stamina so that you can take the stress while playing. 

Watch Your Own Replays

Studying other players is a good tactic to improve, but you should also consider checking your own replays so that you can pinpoint mistakes and know areas that need improvements.

Unfortunately, not all video games have a replay system, which means that you will have to record your gameplay using software and check the video later. 

Take Care of Your Body

A sound mind in a sound body might sound like a cliche, but it should not be treated as one. As a video game player, you likely spend a lot of your time sitting on a chair in front of a screen, which is not ideal for your health.

You need to be at the top of your game when it comes not just to playing but also taking care of your body. Take breaks when necessary, so you avoid burning out. Also, get in the habit of working out regularly.



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