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What Are the Most Anticipated Video Games still to come in 2021?

In view of the current global environment, people are seeking out video games to entertain and comfort us more than ever before. Fortunately, in 2021 the release train has not halted. There are a lot of forthcoming Games on the way, some of them we believed that we would now play, with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S already out and this switch still going strong. We have now passed the third quarter of the year, but in the last quarter, there will be a stream of released games, including the return of cherished enterprises and a good deal of fresh games, as well. So what games are still to make a debut in the last months of 2021?


Metroid Dread

Many fans’ wishes came true when “Metroid 5 ” was unveiled on the screen for the Nintendo Switch at this year’s E3 event. It is the first fully new 2D entry into the legendary action-adventure genre in two decades – and it comes this year. Officially, the name is Metroid Dread. Dread has gained a fabled history following 2002’s Metroid Fusion in the Game Boy Advance with new shifts – a slide down the floor and anti-monopoly on the enemy’s assaults. You don’t have to fear disappointment with that delayed recovery from what we’ve seen thus far. This highly anticipated title would also make for a great adaptation into a casino game, given the long history the franchise has built over the past twenty years and would be a major asset to Casumo’scasino game selection.

Forza Horizon 5

Surprise! A new game was revealed last year for Forza Motorsport and expected this Christmas, but instead, the open-world Series Forza Horizon is returning with a new game set in Mexico. The first images show what we enjoy in the raw racing offshoot of Microsoft, including funny new mini-Games, brilliant, real Mexican landscape, and magnificent licensed vehicles. It will also be a serious display of Xbox Series X.

Amazon’s New World

The primary MMO from Amazon was in operation for a long period, and almost once. It appears that in 2021 this promised realistic twist on classic MMOs will finally be the time. You should be able to start enjoying the exceptional come 28th September.

Far Cry

Far Cry returns with fictitious Caribbean Island Yara three years after Montana was fictionalized. This time around, the great baddie’s Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito as El PresidenteAntón Castillo. It will be released on the 7th of October.

Ages of Empire 4

This highly anticipated follow-up to a famous real-time strategy series has got a lot to do with Relic. Trailers imply that it will be followed in the footsteps of Empires 2’s favorite age, the safe play. Expected release 28th of October.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

A young spiritual guide who aims to locate a holy Mountain shrine in an abandoned town full of trapped spirits, Kena, is this new and lovely adventure from developer Ember Lab. Kena is accompanied additionally by lovely tiny furious spirits called the Rot, of whom we want a plushie already immediately. If you are helping along the road, you may gather Rot all the way to build skills and change your surroundings. It definitely provides a lot of feelings and charm to Pikmin. The expected release date is the 21st of September.

Halo Infinite

The leader in the Action Shooter niche returns to fire up all the industry’s long-anticipated competition against gaming giant, Halo. The Banished are back to the master chief, and he’s got a grappling hook this time! If you use a page from another FPS series, you may really play Infinite’s multiplayer free while buying the campaign as usual. You’ll be able to enjoy this newest edition come December 8th.

To an extent, no one in the world can survive without games. It may seem far from it, but as this industry’s worth demonstrates, gaming is here to stay. This year and its problems saw more and more games running in the 2022 Bucket – one of the largest years ever for gamers – and many forthcoming releases still have a release date, depending on their status. Whether or not they have a lot of success, you’ll find all of the games worth exciting.



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