YouTube and its knack for adding ads

There is nothing more exasperating than back-to-back ads right before you watch a video or right after you get to the vibe of a video. As if YouTube is not testing the patience of its users enough at the moment, there are rumors about YouTube testing five unskippable ads in place of two. Looks like the app is indeed determined to teach its users the noble virtue of patience or perhaps it is just pushing them till they go for AdBlock. The Twitter town isn’t happy either about the possibility and the threat of sitting through five unskippable ads and their fury is quite evident as they chant AdBlock.


Ads and More Ads

It looks like users aren’t patient enough to sit through five whole unskippable ads, and for those threatened by this torture, AdBlock is the knight in shining armor. Let us flip through a couple of reactions and responses on Twitter to see how much the users enjoy YouTube ads and to what extent they will go to avoid them.

Well, at least the app is keeping AdBlock busy

Talk about torture without weapons

Safe to say that ads are indeed the antagonists, and they just add to the frustration and anger

YouTube at this point is literally forcing people to take Premium

Well, you asked for it

Cannot agree more.

It is pretty clear that YouTube is not ready to give up. Looks like the users aren’t either