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YouTube tests feature that can identify products shown in videos


Source: Entrepreneur

Google’s video-sharing platform that allows users to view, share and upload videos, movies and music clips on the platform along with all other kinds of video-based contents, YouTube has been one of the most popular video streaming platforms ever created.

Google has been trying out several features on YouTube which have been massive in the way how technology works but according to recent reports and speculations, it is said that the search engine company is working on integrating product identification on YouTube which will let users know about the products being used in a specific video for the user to buy the same.

As mentioned in a report by BBC, this feature will enable automatic suggestions on the platform that will appear as viewers scroll down the page on the YouTube application. This feature will serve as a huge leap in the marketing industry and it has got all marketing agencies pretty hyped up.

Imagine watching a video where your favourite content creator is wearing a black T-shirt from his favourite brand and a smartwatch to support his look, you must be stalking his Instagram profile and all other platforms to find out the brand to which those products belong. There is a pretty high chance that you will not be able to find out the brand to which those products belong.

YouTube’s new integrated feature will certainly open a separate tab as a user scrolls down to see what products have been featured in the video so that a user can search for related content on Google or any e-commerce website. Isn’t this astonishing?

However, as reported by BBC, this feature is currently being tested only in the United States but market experts have an opinion that this feature will bring a revolutionary change in the marketing and advertising industries all across the globe.

YouTube already does a pretty decent job in analysing our search history and watch history to recommend us similar content to watch. This feature is a whole game changer and the advertising industry cannot wait to advertise their products in YouTube videos.

A YouTube representative mentioned in a statement that the company is experimenting with a new feature that displays a list of products detected in videos along with related products. YouTube further added that the goal with this feature is to help people explore more information and videos about the products on the platform.



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