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Google Play Delta ‘Bsdiff’ Algorithm Update Reduces App Size


Image- Andriod Headline


23 July 2016, USA :

We usually ignore the update as it takes lots of time and more importantly our data pack! So what we do? Wait for WiFi connectivity.. but no more! Google has developed a new algorithm which reduces the size of an app tremendously.

The new Delta Bsdiff Algorithm will reduce the data required to install the app update. For approximately 98% of app updates from the Play Store, only changes (deltas) to APK files are downloaded and merged with the existing files, reducing the size of updates. We recently rolled out a delta algorithm, bsdiff, that further reduces patches by up to 50% or more compared to the previous algorithm. Bsdiff is specifically targeted to produce more efficient deltas of native libraries by taking advantage of the specific ways in which compiled native code changes between versions.

This is how much change will affect on Google Chrome patch update on Play Store:

Patch Description Previous patch size
Bsdiff Size
M46 to M47 major update 22.8 MB 12.9 MB
M47 minor update 15.3 MB 3.6 MB

So now you will get reduced app update size on Google Play Store!


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