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Microsoft Event Live from New York!


26 October 2016, New York :

The much anticipated event has begun with a bang! Microsoft has just revealed that Windows 10 Creators Update is coming next year by February or so.

Mixed reality is coming to Windows10. Enjoy familiar experiences + new apps, games & media for everything from AR to VR.  Microsoft is focusing more on 3D technology and AR, VR. It is also partnering with top PC makers to build a range of innovative VR headsets starting at $299. Coming in 2017.



Microsoft Windows 10 is the best platform for 4K gaming. Game Bar in Windows 10 Creators Update features fully integrated game broadcasting with Beam. Just press Windows key + G.



And finally! Microsoft reveals the all new Surface Book i7 (probaly the last and the best product of the day). With the new Surface Book i7, there’s no limit to what your laptop can do. The ultimate laptop is now more powerful than ever. The new Surface Book i7 has been redesigned from the inside out with twice the graphics performance and 30% more battery life.

It is also introducing Surface Studio. Now turn your desk into a Studio with a brilliant screen for your ideas!


Microsoft also introduced Surface Dial, a new tool for the creative process. Surface Studio’s unprecedented versatility adjusts to every step of your creative process.





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