3 Tips To Consider While Buying Health Insurance For Women In 2022

Considering the medical inflation, every individual requires protection against financial losses due to health treatments and diseases. A health insurance policy is one such product that covers medical costs effectively. Several companies offer health insurance in India tailor-made for specific categories of people. For instance, some health insurance plans are specially designed for women after considering specific illnesses like breast cancer or other conditions like pregnancy. 

In this regard, here are some tips for women who want to purchase a well-rounded health insurance policy. 

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3 essential tips for women to buy health insurance in 2022

A range of insurance companies in India offers attractive deals on health insurance plans, especially for women. To choose the best policy, women must compare the insurance plans and also follow a few vital tips as mentioned below:

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  1. Check the coverage for every life stage

One must choose a health insurance plan for women with adequate coverage based on insurance needs and life stages. For instance, a married woman in India must select an insurance plan covering hospitalisation charges during medical emergencies due to pregnancy. Women in their 20s must purchase an insurance plan for a substantial coverage amount as with age, the premium amount will increase. Younger women can buy health insurance plans at cheaper rates. Additionally, women settle for coverage based on their preferred hospitals and the cost of treatments from there. 

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  1. Maternity coverage

Married women planning for a child must opt for a maternity health insurance plan for coverage benefits. A basic insurance plan might not provide coverage during pregnancy and childbirth. In such an instance, one must purchase insurance policies like maternity insurance plans that cover pregnancy-related hospital expenses that may otherwise be expensive. In addition, a maternity insurance plan covers expenses up to a certain predefined limit for delivery. Thus, with a change in family status, potential buyers must plan on obtaining suitable insurance plans as per their evolving needs. 

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  1. Check the insurer’s claim settlement ratio

During health emergencies, women should opt for those insurers who reimburse or settles insurance claim amounts in a hassle-free manner. In order to choose an insurer that offers a convenient claim process, one needs to factor in the claim settlement ratio. The ratio determines the number of claims settled by the company successfully in a year. 

Other than the aforementioned tips, women should consider factors like policy features, premium price, medical history etc., while choosing a health insurance plan in 2022. Considering these essential points will allow them to obtain maximum coverage benefits on health insurance. 

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