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4 Quick Fixes to Make in Small Stakes Poker Cash Games

Cash Poker Games

When new poker players make their transition towards cash games, things suddenly become quite different from how it used to be in the free zone. When you play poker for real money, the game adapts a serious mode and it is common to make mistakes in the beginning of your run. Players typically start their run with small stakes poker cash games, however, more than often, you face hurdles that seem difficult to cross over.

That’s probably because you have been committing these rookie mistakes and haven’t really adapted to the mood of this new mode of play. Read on to discover your leaks and rectify those tender flaws so that you start winning from hereon.


  • Slow Playing


We know slow playing seems like a great option for cash gamers in small stakes poker, however, if you wish to establish authority on the table, whenever you have a good hand, you need to play aggressive and at least 4bet. This way, your opponents know you are something to reckon with and are careful around you. 

It is okay to slow play with medium strength hands but if you hit the flop, you need to take control of the pot by 4-betting or more especially against loose players who will call anything.


  • Faring bad with Bad Beats


More than often, you tend to get bad beats when up against players weaker than you. What beginners need to understand that bad beats are part of poker cash games. Players need to accept that pocket aces get ousted more than 2 out of 5 times.  This often happens, no matter how much you bet, loose players tend to call you and you end up getting unlucky. 

Bad beats are part of cash poker games, so instead of going on tilt, it would be wiser to just accept it as a part and parcel of the game and move on. 


  • Not Being Selective


We understand the nerves of playing small stakes cash poker games for the first time. Some beginners tend to play every single hand with the bleak hope to hit something and get lucky. The consequences are too painful to discuss, simply put, you end up unnecessarily losing more than you planned to win. In small stakes poker cash games, patience is key. 

Being selective with your starting hands in your early phases of poker will help you avoid tricky situations and also pace up your game eventually. The key is to study the table and understand your opponents on the current level before you even consider raising the stakes and playing them all.


  • Focus on a Single Variant


A jack of all trades, but master of none. That’s what happens when you try to play all possible variants of poker cash games available at a time. It is okay to explore different variants but if you wish to succeed in poker cash games in the long term, you got to start focus on a single variant that appeals to you and devote your time to master this variant. From tutorials to quick lessons to analyzing your former hands repeatedly, aim to improve your decision making and increase your win rate in the long run.

Now that you know where you are going wrong, maybe you can try playing the next few games with more caution and wisdom. So, today we bring you an excellent series of opportunities in poker to test your skills and also inch closer to some really interesting rewards.

Play Cash Poker Games on PokerBaazi to win Coveted Rewards

One of India’s leading online poker platforms, PokerBaazi has been setting excellent examples in regard to motivate transitioning players to up their game and also win attractive rewards through the course of their journey. Interestingly, the poker portal is also launching India’s biggest ever micro stakes poker series, IMPS 1.5Cr GTD in India this July.

It’s probably the biggest opportunity for small stakes poker players to win big in poker. Here are the series highlights.

  • The Indian Micro Poker Series (IMPS 1.5Cr GTD) shall go live from 13th-26th July. 
  • 120 tournaments spread across a period of 14 days.
  • Buy-in directly for just INR 100 onwards or simply join the satellites for INR 10 to enter the tourney at a huge discount
  • Additional Leaderboard Prizes worth 10LAC
  • Watch out for these Prime Timers
  1. ₹2 LAC GTD for a buy-in of ₹200 DAILY at 8:30PM.
  2. ₹5 LAC GTD Mini-Main Event (ft. 2 starting flights) for a buy-in of ₹500.
  3. ₹10 LAC GTD HighRoller for a buy-in of ₹2,000.
  4. ₹20 LAC GTD (ft. 4 starting flights) for a buy-in of ₹500.

Besides, small stakes cash gamers and even other cash players can also win Premium Loyalty Rewards such as real cash prizes, travel packages, cool gadgets, four wheelers, two wheelers and much more.

So, get rid of your leaks right away to score big time on your favorite poker game today.

All the best!