Key Online Rummy Tournament Tips To Play like a Pro

Online rummy tournaments are super fun as they add the quotient of prize money along with the fun that tags along. However, this means you need to develop some pro skills to beat your opponents at the tournament tables. 

So, let’s talk about some cool tips and strategies today that you need to practice to push your game to a whole new level and climb the ladder of high stakes rummy tournaments with ease.


  • Prepare a Schedule


In order to become a good rummy tournament player, you need to become disciplined and make a schedule of the online rummy tournaments you intend to play during the week. If you wish to improve your game, you need to become regular in your game and pick a certain stakes range from where you wish to move up. 

So, make a list of the exact tournaments and the number of times you are going to play them during the week keeping note of convenient timings that do not hinder your daily schedule. If you have little experience in rummy tournaments online, pick a mix of micro and low stakes tournaments and play them interchangeably. 


  • Manage your Bankroll


When you become a rummy tournament player, bankroll management is something you should pay attention to right from the start. Players need to understand that playing rummy tournaments online demand a dedicated bankroll that should contain a decent amount to help you play uninterrupted. The aim should be to invest a decent amount and size it up solely through your online rummy skills through a steady run. 


  •  Be Extra Wary of your Opponents


Remember, you are not the only one playing for the prize money in rummy tournaments. Everyone’s eyes are at the prize money so you need to keep a hawk eye at the table at all times and notice each card picked up and discarded by your opponents so that you do not throw any single card that might help your opponents fill their gaps in the game. In online rummy tournaments, it is important to expand your thinking range and collect cues from your opponent’s game to have a winning edge every single time.


  • Drop before it’s too late


Players must accept the fact that every game won’t be a winning game in rummy tournaments. So, if you do not have the right cards to pull you through in the first three turns with no immediate hope, the wise thing to do would be to drop the game before you add up penalty points in your scoreboard for free! Remember, in real money rummy tournaments, these points reflect real money that shall be deducted from your rummy account if you lose in the end.

If you have a gutter hand at the start, avoid unnecessary risks and drop the game right away. 


  • Play with a fresh mind


When you play any rummy tournament online, make sure you hit the tables with the right frame of mind and not after an argument or an emotional episode with your family or friends. Rummy is a game of skill and hence, requires a balanced set of mind along with undivided attention in order to win among an ocean pool of players. If you sit on the table after a fight, it is natural you would be tempted to take decisions based on your swirling emotions that might cost you dearly.

So, now you know the ideal ways to step into the tournament zone in online rummy, let’s take you to a portal that can offer you value for your skills and money.

RummyBaazi: Play Awesome Rummy Tournaments for great buy-ins

RummyBaazi is an online rummy site that hosts excellent player centric rummy tournaments with mouthwatering prize pools along with exciting bonus deposit codes to ramp up your run.

This upcoming month of July, RummyBaazi is releasing an amazing round of tournaments and a whole variety of promotions to boost your game run. However, we shall only list the most exclusive rummy tournaments today. 


Tournament Buy-in Prize Pool  Alternate entry deposit  Deposit Code Date & Time
1LAC Sunday Special INR 1000 1LAC INR 2500  “SunLakhpati” Sunday, 8PM
20K Depositor’s Freeroll  INR 200 20K None “Daily20K” Daily, 10PM
10K RP Tournament 10 Reward Points (can be earned in cash games) 10K Re-buy option for INR 100 Mon-Sat 8PM
Prime 4K GTD INR 100 4K None Mon-Sat, 4PM


Feel free to check out the rest of the latest promotions for the month of July on the official website. Try any of these rummy tournaments online according to your skill set and enjoy a fabulous run starting today.