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4 Technological Trends That Will Impact the Future of Gaming


The face of modern gaming has come a long way from dusty poker tables in disreputable saloons and manual slot machines operated by hand. Today’s casinos are sleek, high-tech environments. Many of them exist entirely in the virtual plane, offering thrilling gaming opportunities in the palm of the hand. Watch out for these top tech trends that are poised to dramatically reshape the gaming industry.

Virtual Reality Casinos

The gaming industry has already recognized the value of a virtual presence. By 2020, online gambling in the United States is expected to generate $4 billion revenue. Online gambling appeals to a younger crowd, with an average age of 34 years as opposed to 45 in brick-and-mortar casinos.

In just a few clicks, online casinos like SevenJackpots.com can connect you with an environment packed with all your favorite games, including many options with live dealers in an authentic casino environment.

Virtual reality casinos will take this to the next level. As VR technology improves, so too will the opportunities for virtual players to immerse themselves in a realistic 360-degree gaming environment.

Facial Recognition

With iPhones using facial scanning as a quick measure to unlock personal devices, the prevalence of facial recognition software is no secret. The technology is already in use in some casinos as a security measure to help keep known cheaters out and to welcome VIPs with all the appropriate fanfare.

Currently, these systems use photos to identify people of note. However, in the future this casino tech may use intelligent biometric systems that work autonomously to continually scan and identify players with little to no assistance from security staff, providing a highly efficient way to keep land-based casinos secure.

Advanced Mobile Platforms

Online gaming was once the realm of computer-based games, but the technology has since gone mobile. You can now play slots easily anywhere provided you have an internet connection.

In 2016, mobile gaming revenue hit $36.9 billion, outpacing PC gaming revenue of $31.9 billion. Mobile casinos will likely continue to grow in popularity and prevalence as more online casinos choose to host mobile games that are easily accessible from smartphones and tablets.

Another exciting option for mobile gambling technology is enhanced gameplay, which is offered when a tablet and computer are used in conjunction with one another. This dual-screen approach allows you to see more of the gaming environment, perhaps focusing on the roulette wheel on one screen and the gaming table or overall casino environment on another. Here, the options for exciting developments are nearly endless.


Cryptocurrencies and online gambling are a perfect pairing. A whopping 55 percent of online gamers have already used cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin offer several benefits. They typically provide a quick cashout and simple withdrawals. You can use cryptocurrencies to bypass exchange rates as well if you’re gambling in a foreign casino.

While credit and debit cards are associated with the gambler’s name, address, and other personal information, cryptocurrencies are not. You’re completely anonymous when you’re exchanging Bitcoins, so you’ll enjoy an added level of protection.

Though online casinos are implementing strong security measures, many gamblers feel more comfortable playing with a minimal exchange of personal information, which is exactly what cryptocurrency can provide.

If you’re a fan of gaming and gambling, you’ll find plenty to look forward to in the future. Keep an eye on these trends to see how they continue to shape the industry.

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