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5 Key Custom Software Development Trends To Watch In 2021

There are several key custom software development trends to watch in 2021. Despite the challenges that development companies experienced this year, the software industry has made strides in innovation across the globe. For example, 2020 saw an increase in CI/CD pipeline implementation as well as a rising use in blockchain for data tracking. Development experts expect some of these trends to continue through next year. Naturally, new upcoming technologies are predicted to grow and take hold. As a custom software enterprise owner, you need to know the latest development trends to look out for next year. This way, your company can keep up with market demands and continue to grow into the long-term. Read on to discover the key custom software development trends to watch in 2021.

Upcoming Programming Languages

First, it is essential to be aware of the latest upcoming programming languages expected to rise in 2021. Of course, experts expect Java to continue to dominate the market. Because Java Virtual Machine (JVM) lays a foundation for Kotlin and Scala languages, it is expected to grow as well. Importantly, JVM licenses have recently changed. Therefore, companies may have to pay higher fees to use Java, Kotlin, and Scava languages next year. In addition, the coding language Rust is expected to gain traction during 2021 as well. Mainly, this is because Microsoft is looking into adopting the language. Even through it has a ways to go, its close-knit community is transforming it from a hobby language into a larger industry player. Be sure to look out for the trending programming languages during 2021. You can also ask help from experts regarding the new programming languages, you can talk to Prolifogy Software & Consulting Code Review Service Company.

Machine Learning Tools

Furthermore, the machine learning field, and especially ML tools are expected to grow in popularity through the upcoming year. Notably, many enterprises are using machine learning technologies to increase their efficiency. For example, some developers are using ML platforms to automate testing and analysis procedures. With many of these platforms, you can also access informative predictions about your software model and its different versions. Then, you can monitor these version for better insight on your software projects. Many ML platforms are also highly scalable, making them great to support custom software enterprise growth. Surely, machine learning tools are a must-watch trend for 2021.

Container Registries

In addition, container registries are another major software development trend to watch next year. As Docker usage grows, it is increasingly essential to integrate an advanced container registry into your pipeline. For example, you can install JFrog’s Artifactory Docker registries to manage image storage in your SDLC. With the ability to accommodate any number of users and build servers, this containerization software is sure to support your enterprise. Plus, Artifactory offers scalable storage through its cloud-based providers. In this way, container registries are essential to support custom software enterprise growth through 2021.

IoT Platforms

Moreover, Internet of Things (IoT) platforms are another development trend to watch closely. As POS systems, car gadgets, and wearables’ demand surges, IoT development platforms are key for custom software enterprise growth. Many emerging internet of things platforms provide end-to-end support for connected devices in a large cloud system. Some also have open-source kits that can connect with a variety of hardware devices, such as sensors and gateways. Additionally, IoT platforms often have integrated development environments (IDEs) with cloud-based collaboration tools as well. Certainly, IoT platforms and their robust features are key to keep up with the growing demand.

Native App Tools

Next, native app tools are also expected to increase their market popularity among custom software enterprises. Because they are designed for a specific device, native applications often provide a better user experience than hybrid applications. Additionally, native tools can often improve the application performance as well. Of course, businesses are also driving growth for these technologies. As companies invest in iOS and Android devices, many are seeking custom native apps to streamline their day-to-day processes. COVID-19 and remote working is also increasing this demand. For this reason, it is essential to adopt native app tools in your custom software enterprise as we go into the new year. 

There are several key custom software development trends to watch in 2021. First, you need to be aware of the upcoming programming languages. Next, native app tools are expected to rise for their software’s high quality user experiences. In addition, container registries are also projected to grow across custom software enterprises. Moreover, IoT platforms are also essential for the sector’s demand. Furthermore, machine learning tools are also growing in popularity to automate tests and gain insight through development. Watch out for these key custom software development trends in 2021.



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