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5 Things to Avoid as an Affiliate Marketer

affiliate marketing

This digital world is amazing. It has already created numerous opportunities in such short time and a lot still to offer in the future. Out of the many incredible things that it has produced, affiliate marketing is the one which is fascinating. This is a method of online earning just by promoting other’s products. It is as simple as liking any product, start promoting it and if anyone buys it through your promotion, then you will get your piece from it.

This has become an entirely new industry from which millions of people worldwide are getting benefits and million more are eagerly trying to make their places. But, there are a huge number of those who also gone bankrupt. The reason is that they made some mistakes that led them to total disaster. That is why it is important to know about such things that can destroy your years-long business within a month.

In the next lines of this article, I am going to tell you about those five things that you should avoid if you are in the affiliate marketing business.

  • Market it, do not sell it:

One of the major mistakes that an affiliate marketer does is to start selling the products directly instead of promoting it which should be his real job. The word marketing in the phrase affiliate marketing should be taken seriously because this phenomenon is the part of marketing. Being an affiliate marketer, you are just a marketer and you are just a bridge between your vendor and their customers.

Some people think that marketing and selling are the same things. Which is entirely incorrect. Marketing is purely about educating the customers about your products and selling is about making your customer to buy your product. That is why in the affiliate marketing, you cannot create campaigns based purely on the sales. You have to use the marketing mediums to educate the consumers of the product that you are promoting and then lead them to the selling links of your vendor to finish the deal. If you will try to start selling on your own, a customer would get confused and you will not be able to divert them to your vendor’s digital presence from where they can do direct purchasing. Avoid selling and has only done promotions.

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  • Target few affiliate programs only:

Because affiliate marketing is a process of slow earning, that is why many new affiliate marketers start jumping towards every affiliate program they can reach. This is another mistake that mostly every affiliate marketer does. Those who realize this act as a mistake early survive and those who don’t and keep getting into different affiliate programs fails to go long in this industry.

Instead of this, you better target one or few of the affiliate programs that you can manage easily with absolute focus. Even if you are working on one product but you are putting all your efforts in it, you can earn same as someone who is working on ten products. So target your affiliate programs and concentrate only on them.

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  • Not reading any trail:

Marketing is all about analyzing the stats and learning through them. Without it, you can never know what flaws your marketing strategy has and what is working for you. Not reading all the trails that your marketing is leaving behind it is another thing that you should avoid in affiliate marketing.

It is important to know that who bought your product. His demography, behavior, interest and everything on which you get your hands. The reason why it is important because via this you will get an idea about your market and what type of people are taking interest in your product. So next time someone makes a sell through your marketing activities, do not forget to read his complete biodata.

  • Making it as your side business:

Do not treat it as your side business or else it will not give you anything except loss. The affiliate marketing is not a side income by any means. You cannot earn enough money from this industry if you keep treating it as your side business. You have to dedicate yourself completely to this business and it also worth it. Affiliate marketing has become one of the major contributors to the business of the companies like Amazon. Thousands of partners of the Amazon are earning in billions with the help of the Amazon’s affiliate partnership which is the pioneer of such concept. So if you are treating affiliate marketing as your side business, then let me tell you that you are not going to achieve a lot through it.

  • Not concentrating on a blog or website:

Just doing all your promotional marketing by using social media medium is not enough for effective affiliate marketing. You need to have your website or a blog to educate your customers and make them build some trust in you. Build a website on the WordPress and hire any writer for the promotional blogs. Or else you will always be a mid-Yorker affiliate marketer. (Image- LinkedIn)

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