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7 Best Gambling Startup

Globally there have been a lot of changes in how things are done, with many firms going for more innovative and scalable models. Fortunately, the gambling world has been at the forefront of this new development.

The betting industry has over the years seen a rise in online gambling startups born from redefining models to change how betting works. Unlike years back where gamblers had to visit a pub or game house to place a stake, new online sports gambling startups have exploited the opportunities of technology to provide customers with a more convenient way of playing.

These days a player needs to have an app or a mobile device and connect to different punting platforms to win their favourite games. They no longer need to visit a house for best placements or information requirements as they can have all that right from the comfort of their homes.

While all these positives in the sports and gambling industry have been surprising, experts know that the reasons for these landmark developments are due to the relentless efforts of new start-ups who seek a competitive advantage over their competitors.

New emerging punting companies have added different incentives to betting, making it more available to a global audience, and their contributions have not gone unnoticed. New generational gamblers now patronize these newcomers who have only been around for 0 to 15 years. And the trend has perched the majority of them at the positive side of the punting stock exchange market, unlike their older analogous model competitors. The latter only get to deliver services to only a few customers.

The Trend

This article aims to help gamblers know the best new betting companies transforming punting and how they, as players, can start making real money via these new platforms. The beautiful thing about these emerging companies is that they offer legal sports and their service model is much more secure than their traditional counterparts.

For example, new casinos and software providers now incorporate artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies to ensure efficient and safer transacting. Also, advanced technologies in casinos now mean that enthusiasts can enjoy better gameplay from their mobile with many games available to access.

Unlike casinos, fantasy sports dedicated platforms have exploited technological innovation to give players a better gaming and social experience. And all of these confirm that the advancements contributed by start-ups in the punting world are incredibly significant. This article will outline the 7 best start-ups in the gaming space that are hallmarks of innovation and development;

The Action Network

Year established:  October 2017

Location: United States

Type: sports betting and Analysis

Like its name, Action Network is one of the most prominent and top gambling startups in the 2000s. The firm is a sports media company and provides a vast range of services that include news and Analysis on games, the best odds for NFL football and other sports, and different bonuses for different games. It is an all-out firm that has stood out impressively well.

Kingdom Casino

Year established:  2002

Type: Online Casinos

Since its inception, Kingdom Casino has stood out as one of the ever-evolving and innovative online gaming platforms, and for good reasons. Gamblers who place bets with the firm have stated that the services were top-notch, and from experience, this is very factual. The company has an app and is fully mobile-optimized, which means that users can access hundreds of games with their phones from any part of the world.

Zodiac Casino

Year established:  2001

Type: Online Casinos

Zodiac has been around for a while, and from all indications, that won’t be changing anytime soon. Gamblers have continually expressed their satisfaction with the service level offered by the firm. Many of them believe that the Zodiac Casino login takes you into the world of great gambling that is perfect for gamblers. 

The gaming platform has been confirmed to have a wide range of games accessed both by desktops and mobile devices. Also, the platform has the advantage of a mobile app that provides users with high graphics to better their experience.


Year established:  2008

Type: Betting platform

Smarkets is a major startup that has changed how a betting exchange works. Despite established and older organizations like Betfair, the firm has been able to carve out its kingdom and currently offers users many services. It features the popular horse racing staking and other games that users can offer a prediction on.

Huuuge Games

Year established:  2014

Type: Game/software provider

Huuuge Games is one of the innovative game providers that defined the industry and quickly adapted to the tough competition that established firms who have been in the business earlier posed. Its major selling point is its extremely beautiful games themes naturally distributed all over its games. The provider develops slots, card games, and poker.


Year established:  2015

Type: Online Lottery

The lottery is a top gambling platform focusing on lottery games for wins. This platform provides remote lottery wagering such that users can easily play from their homes with almost zero stress. Users can win prizes when they play with this firm. The company is one of the standout digitized lottery services. It tries to ensure customer satisfaction by providing them with helpful services such as statistics reports, live notifications, results, and more. It has a mobile-compatible app.

Roobet Casino

Year established:  2014

Type: Online Casinos

Roobet has been among the most innovative startups since the 2000s. The Canada-based firm provides users with a high-level game experience and has been termed the social media firm due to its trendy offers and security. It uses blockchain technology for transactions. Its crypto methods of payment are safe, instant, and seamless. It is one of the fastest-growing digital services and a darling among bet lovers.


Unlike the years when punting meant visiting a house, emerging companies have changed the narrative and have been able to offer convenient betting, increasing the chances of winners as they can bet right with their phones. This article has outlined the 7 best gambling tech startups that offer unique and innovative services.



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