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A Beginner’s Guide to the Different Types of Vapes

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If you’ve been thinking of getting into vaping, you should know about the different kinds of devices that you can buy. They range in size, shape, cost, and functionality. On the low end, vapes are small and simple, and very affordable. On the high end, these devices can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. 

Vapes use electronically heated coils to turn marijuana, nicotine juice, or CBD oil into vapor that can be inhaled in a similar fashion to smoking. However, vapor is less harmful to your lungs, since there are no carcinogens like ash. Vaping has become a hobby that millions of people across the world use to help unwind as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. If you want to get a vape, here are the different kinds of vapes you should know about.

#1) Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are the smallest, simplest, and least expensive type of vape device you will find. They are made for you to “use it and lose it”. They typically contain around 10 mL of vape juice, and once you use it up you throw it away. They typically range in cost between $10 and $20 per vape, but you can get them at a lower cost per device if you buy them in packs like the VapeRanger Bulk Disposable Vapes. These disposable devices typically come with no features aside from turning on to heat the juice into vapor, and turn off when you’re not using it.

#2) Vape Pen

Vape pens are small devices that resemble the familiar writing tool of their namesake. They don’t allow for much customization and aren’t much more powerful than disposable vapes. They can hold a charge for around one day but have the advantage of being able to refill the same device with more juice when it runs out. This way, you don’t have the hassle of storing and throwing out multiple devices when you’re done with them. They can cost around $30 for a good one and are better for beginners to vapes who don’t want a lot of bells and whistles.

#3) Pod Mods

The next level of vape pens are pod mods. They are still made to be smaller and more discreet, just not quite as small as pens. Some of them look like USB flash drives. They have a wider range of customization, heating power, battery life, and features, but not by a great deal. They also cost a bit more on average, with the more expensive devices reaching around $60. Like vape pens, they can’t hold a lot of vape juice, so you may find yourself refilling it frequently.

#4) Box Mods

Box mods, or APVs (advanced personal vaporizers), are one of the larger, more powerful, and more sophisticated types of vape you will find. The reason for their alternative name is because they are highly customizable devices. Their larger juice tanks and more powerful heating coils allow you to make much bigger clouds of vapor. You can customize your device to have different sized tanks or heating coils, and other choices to get a more personalized device. They can cost as little as $75, but the high-end models can reach up to hundreds of dollars.

Outside of these main types of vapes, there are more custom made devices that are much more expensive and advanced. They are more meant for people who are very into vaping and want something really personalized and advanced. For most people, however, these are the four types that will do what you need them to do. What you prefer will depend on your needs and your budget.



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