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A Guide to the Right THC Edibles Dosage

Taking the right dosage for THC edibles is an essential thing. That is because you avoid some side effects of overdosing on the drug. Therefore, many people have inquired about the right thc dosage to take on various search engines for a long time without success. Unlike taking CBD through smoking, cbd edibles take time to kick in. Therefore, due to the delay from feeling high, many people overdose on the cbd drug. Many do not know that one has to wait for about 45 minutes to 2 hours before feeling its effect. Therefore, to be safe when using the thc cbd edibles, you need to wait after taking the cookies, gummies, chocolate brownies, or any other edible cbd product. You need to know the cbd edibles take time since they get digested through the normal digestion system. This article discusses everything you need to know about taking the right dosage for the thc cbd edibles:

The right THC edible dose may vary from one user to another

One essential thing that all THC edible users should know is that the dosage may vary from one person to another. That is due to several factors. Some people can take cbd edibles that contain high thc levels and experience no side effects, while others may take cbd edibles with small thc levels and experience the signs of overdose. Therefore, before you choose any cbd edibles with particular levels of thc, you need to know the thc cbd edibles dosage chart. Factors such as the previous history of cbd use, the gastrointestinal factors, the sensitivity of the user’s endocannabinoid system, and many more are among the factors that make the cbd doses vary from one person to another. 

Generally, taking a dosage that exceeds 100mg is considered a high cbd dose. There are several effects that one can experience after using the high dosages of thc cbd edibles. 

The essential thing to know

Since various cbd edibles contain different levels of thc content, the thc levels are among the most crucial thing to consider before using the cbd edibles. That is because the thc level is the one that makes one feel high. The higher the thc levels, the more the cbd edible will have substantial effects. According to studies, the recommended amount of thc levels is 0.3%. Any cbd that does not contain thc levels higher than 0.3% are considered safe for human consumption. 

How does the thc make you feel high?

To understand how the different thc levels can make you feel high, you need to understand a complex biochemical process known as pharmacokinetics. The earlier mentioned process is responsible for absorption, metabolism distribution, and elimination of thc on the user’s body. For a thc to make you feel high, it must interact with the human endocannabinoid system and bind with the CB1 receptors. The psychoactive effects of thc may make one feel like relaxing with a TV, lying down when listening to calm music, having your best friends around, and much more. 

The right dosage for the THC cbd edibles

The ideal cbd thc edibles dosage may depend on various things such as the one’s tolerance, the user’s body chemistry, and many more things. If you are looking for the right dosage for cbd edibles, the following guidelines can help you choose the correct dosage since marijuana is measured in milligrams. It includes;

2.5 mg thc cbd edibles

If you are looking for the right cbd edibles online to try for the first time, then the 2.5 mg of thc cbd is the most appropriate for you. Also, regular consumers who need micro dose can get the dosage above. The 2.5mg thc cbd edibles have mild relief signs of reducing anxiety, pain, and stress. If you are a first-time cbd user, the dosage above will enhance your creativity and focus. 

2.5-15 mg thc edibles

The effects of the dosage mentioned above are more potent than the 2.5 mg dose. The effects of taking the 2.5-15 mg dose include more potent relief of anxiety, pain, euphoria, perception, impaired coordination, and many more conditions. 

Who should use 2.5-15 mg? 

The dosage mentioned above is suitable for persistent symptoms that smaller doses cannot efficiently address, people looking to get enough sleep, and other standard recreational purposes. There are no side effects related to using the dosage mentioned above. Therefore, do not hesitate to use medical marijuana with the dose discussed above. 

30-50 mg thc cbd edibles

Using the 30-50 mg thc edibles is appropriate for the people with high thc tolerance levels. Therefore, if your GI system does not absorb the cannabinoids well, consider taking the 30-50 mg as your right dosage. 

50-100 mg thc edibles. 

The dosage above is right for people with high tolerance levels and experienced cbd users. Doctors recommend patients living with cancer and other severe conditions to use the dosage above. The cbd edibles will help in pain reduction, anxiety, stress, and many more diseases. Taking the 50-100 mg thc edibles may have some unpleasant side effects such as increased heart rate, nausea, and pain. 

100 mg thc edibles and above

Any dosage above 100 mg is considered an overdose. That is because those doses may bring some unpleasant side effects. Therefore, any dosage exceeding 100 mg thc edibles should only be used with a doctor’s recommendation. 

Essential tips to know when taking thc edibles

There are some helpful tips you need to know to avoid overdosing the cbd edibles. Those tips include;

When you do not feel high

Many people make the mistake of overdosing the cbd when they do not get high within a few minutes. Therefore, after taking a thc cbd edible and still do not feel high, you need to eat an organic apple to help activate the digestion and absorption of the cbd in your body. It is essential to know that edible cbd gummies take more time to get absorbed in your body than smoking.

First-time thc edible cannabis users require 2-3 doses before feeling high

After taking your thc edible dose for the first time, it is clear that you may not experience any feeling. Thus, you need to try the low doses three more times within 8- 24 hours. Before you increase the dosage. That will help to prevent overdosing that can lead to severe side effects.

Therefore, considering all the things discussed in this article, you will know everything about choosing the right cbd thc edibles dosage. 



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